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Outspark Gets Lots of Funding, Talks Asian MMO in US

Worlds in Motion has an interesting Q&A up with Susan Choe and Nick Foster of Outspark, a company that has imported games like Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice for US audiences. Outspark has managed to secure $11 million USD in funding from various sources to "help PC-based online games find the same market in North America as they currently enjoy in Asia," and Choe and Foster talk about everything from importing Korean games wholesale, how they put together the project in the first place, and the carpal tunnel inducing process of picking what games to bring over:

We all played games, to a point where I needed acupuncture for my wrist! And we played games, from MMORPGs, to first-person shooters, to racing games ....

But, in a sense, we were really looking for games that everybody can play, even the thirty-five year old women, without a lot of complications. But there are certain specific criteria we also look for in the game developers: 1. They believe in the North American, Western market. 2. They have the capacity to work with us, because -- as you guys know -- these games, once they're launched, that's the beginning of your work, not the end, unlike the console games.

It's an interesting look at one company who is trying to bring over some fresh blood while still appealing to a wide audience (and has the funding to back up their effort) - well worth a read through if you have the time.


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    As far as susan as conserned she made and founded a really good game. Problem with the game tho is not the game its self,Its the ppl that run the game i played the game for lil over a week and already i have found that the csr and gm's that run this game do not care about the players. They put you down ban you with out cause side with on high lvl guilds.Example my brother was typing in caps which is aparrently against the rules(which is bs) and was jailed for this, my sister inlaw ask the gm why he was jail and the gm didnt even respond he baned her ameadly with out a reason just for his own pleasure i presume. Example two i contact the csr about me being trojaned and loosing my account its been 3 months now and 500 csr tickets and still havent gotten one responseI had all the info they asked for btw. Final example, after trying and trying to contact csr for months they ban not only me but 10 other ppl as well becouse i complaind the messed up part about this is that the 10 ppl all have different ip address. i give the game play a 10 but everything else a -10000000000000000000. I strongly suggest not even trying to play this game because of the was that the ppl that run it treat ppl.
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