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Spore Upsets Christians

The hyped Spore was released last week and the reactions have been many and mixed. Overall the game is well received, even if it has some things it could improve upon. One of the main things people have complained about is the DRM-protection SecuROM, but now it there's a new form of complaint surfacing – from Christian gamers.

The site criticize the game because of its concept of evolution, something that they feel are against their own Christian values. The site says that the whole game is propaganda focused against kids to teach them about evolution instead of creation or intelligent design. While the site is negative against Spore, they also take the opportunity to attack Electronic Arts and their employees, claiming they have low Christian morale.


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    Hey, fellow Christians, guess what, the book was written 200 years after Jesus died... It has been translated countless times, re-written, and above all, used to gain power for countless empires. The creation "theory" was the only way to explain the glory of God's creation. Why can't the God I believe in be intelligent enough to make countless species on a vast universe change and evolve to adjust to a chaotic environment? Yea, God created me, and everything, but that's just it... If evolution is the closest thing to a logical explanation as to why I am who I am, is that not the result of God? Does your faith have to rest in a book that you yourself contradict on a regular basis? God is truth, science is the pursuit of truth, therefore science is the pursuit of God.

    Also, atheist scientists who believe in nothing higher, and say that their way is the only way are just as bad as men in robes that say if you don't believe this certain way, your burning in Hell. They are both going to condemn you for whatever you think anyway.

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    Write our own faith based evolution game and stop whining you proselytizing a-holes!!!!

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    Well... what about Populous, where we used to be the god... volounteer Moderator

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    Funny. Wouldn't the fact that players are designing the creations point more to Intelligent Design versus evolution? :)

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