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Star Trek MMO to go casual?

Perpetual Entertainment, developers of Star Trek Online and the defunct God and Heroes: Rome Rising, have been acquired by the newly formed Perpetual LLC.

Perpetual Entertainment liquidated it stocks, which were promptly purchased by the newly formed Perpetual LLC. Many believe this is to see to the growing financial troubles that the developer had come into, which became apparent with the cancellation of their free-standing MMO, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Despite the fact that the financial troubles may well be more dire than Perpetual are letting on, the company has no plans to cease its studio operations or its work on Star Trek Online.

With the takeover however, comes a supposed change in direction for the new Star Trek title, with reports of Perpetual employees leaving due to dissatisfaction with the new direction the owners wish to take. Apparently, Star Trek Online is being retuned as a more casual game, with implications that the subscription based plan that many MMOs use is being abandoned in favor of an F2P format where players will pay for specific items instead of paying a fixed fee.


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    It's a shame that this had come about as the Star Trek franchise is rich in lore and breath of scope. The casual approach indicates a lack of commitment to develop the game into something rich and full featured as like EQ and WoW. It seems to me that it is now a half hearted approach and that the company will drop it soon and hopefully someone with better commitment will pick this up.

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