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SC2Mapster Modding Contest is holding a contest as per below... Contest

A chinese user named Renee on the Goblin Academy forums managed to get the inventory stuff working. However, he did not tell how he did it. The goal of this little contest is to stimulate the Mapping Community of Starcraft II with a common objective: Figure out the Inventory System!


What you have to do:

  • Make at least 2 bags appear on the screen. (Both the icon and the actual content)
  • Have at least 1 item inside a bag.
  • Bonus: Make the item give an actual bonus to the hero

What you have to give:

  • Screenshots of the results.
  • An explanation of how it works.
  • A downloadable demo (either a map or a zip with the edited XML files).

Note: The reward is only intended to be a stimulation. Collaboration is more than welcome in the achievement of this task. The purpose is to explore all the possibilities of the Galaxy Editor and create a strong community around it!

Good luck to everyone! Do not hesitate to post your progress on the forums :)


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