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Stargate Worlds at GDC

Moving on to exploration, the game will try to capture the feel of being able to go anywhere in the universe just as the Stargate allows. The game will take place in the time period from season three to season nine of the SG-1 show. With the first expansion planned as Stargate-Atlantis. The main reason Joe pointed out for this time frame is that so much went on in the Stargate world at this time. The Replicator Wars, the rise of Anubis, the appearance of the Asgardians, and humans learning star travel all play a major part in the story lines of the game. While exploring the universe there are two story lines you can follow. The dark and light paths that you choose to walk with become an epic adventure that will carry you throughout your levels. Also there are class storylines, race storylines, local and larger area quests to follow. The PvE side of the game is all about exploration and that is what the team hopes to bring to players. The key here is that the storylines will drive exploration. Worried about the time it will take to explore the whole universe? Don't, the team hopes to have a two hundred hour in-game time frame for players to reach maximum level.

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