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TERA: Rising Brings New Content and Free-to-Play Era to Europe

TERA is now officially free to play in Europe, bringing along with it a load of new content. What can players expect in TERA: Rising?

Crucible of Flames: As players battle against monsters and bosses at various difficulty levels, they compete for dominance in a ranking system. Challengers who reach the top levels can look forward to valuable rewards. The Crucible of Flame is also home to a brand-new boss monster – the Cyclops. Meanwhile, the dungeon’s engaging mini-games provide a refreshing change of pace.

Champions' Skyring: Arborea’s adventurers can put their skills to the test in thrilling 3 vs 3 battles. The victors will be rewarded with the newly introduced Killing Spree Credits, which can be used to obtain special PvP equipment. The top ranked players here will also receive a powerful new skill. The new spectator mode allows fallen heroes to watch the battle unfold from another player’s point of view.

As for the game's free-to-play accessibility, accounts will now be split into two types: Free User and Veteran. Free users can play without charge, and access all of TERA's game content including races, classes, instances, equipment, PvP, and the political system.  Limitations come into play when comparing the number of character slots and safe deposits, which veterans will retain.

Anyone who has purchased TERA, regardless of whether they hold a subscription during the switch or not, will have access to 8 character slots, the max number of safe deposits, and a special in-game title.

Both account types will offer the opportunity to become a member of the TERA Club, which is comparable to the current subscription. Players that currently have a subscription running will receive automatic club membership. Additionally to the content of both account types, members receive further advantages with regard to game comfort: shorter cooldown times for instances, increased experience point yields or an epic mount.

The Item Shop: Aside from the aforementioned boost items, the shop will include recovery, mana and stamina potions for character development. Service items are also available for purchase, with which players can change the name or appearance of their hero. In future, the shop will continue to be filled with exclusive mounts, weapon skins and clothing.  

Politics: With another update due to appear later on in the year, TERA’s political system will also receive an additional feature. Players that belong to a guild can enter into an alliance with this feature and profit from useful bonuses in this community. The three alliances are enemies of one another and continually fight each other for dominance on the respective game server.

Incorporating  a real-time battle system with a third person camera view into a fantasy MMO, TERA has a lot to offer to players.  Typical features such as quests, crafting, and PvP action are available, but one of the main differences between TERA and other fantasy games is the battle system:  Rather than tab-targeting a victim, players manually target an enemy with cross-hairs and actively dodge enemy attacks!

To maximize your TERA experience, be sure to check out the TERA Fans Wiki and visit, where you'll be able to find all the information you need in addition to a passionate community of players.


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