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Guildhall Plots are Ready for Occupation

So with September 5th Hotfix brought an update to allow Guilds to purchase and Guildhall Plot and start there construction. Within hours of the patch being live our guild have managed to get an plot and the construction has started.

Along with this update the long awaited Brotherhood system has gone live. I do think this system will work well with a online buddy that has a character at about the same level as you. You both will be able to work away, but if one of you is not on for some reason, that players character should not fall too far behind.

Also the "/switchserver" command has been added. Allowing you to make a one off free server transfer request. I am not sure how long the command is active for, but I do hope they will give us a good while to try out the new servers. I beleive that the current level of population will drop again as a number of players will have come back just to see the new changes and then fade away again. Meaning that the current level may mean you will want to transfer as it get quite again, or even transfer as you don't like all these players in the way.


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    The Guildhalls are just awsome, saw the one in "the Deebs" infront of my house yesterday. Really nice Castle they have build there.

    Dunno if its true that population will decrease again, i am one of the above metioned players, i took a break after playing from beta 3 to release and so far i have no plans of leaving the game again.

    Vanguard is in a good shape so far and it is getting better every patch. Absolutely playable at the moment.

    Housing Area the Deebs + Guildhall in the background

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