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8 characters per account @ launch

In order to help over-saturation of newbie grounds Sigil has limited all accounts to only 8 characters per account. It is unknown if the change is permanent, or will only last as long as the newbie rush is going.

Some suspect that its permanent that SOE wants to force you to buy multipal accounts if you are a big Vanguard fan, like they did with SWG.

Others simply think its a temporary population control. I tend to fall on this side of the fence, given the nature of the quote:

Originally Posted by Glip the Gnome:

Looks like 8 (characters, not per server) for now.


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    It's hard to see the point of this. How will this prevent over saturation of the starting zones? Doesn't matter how many characters you have, you can only play one at a time. And in the beginning, everyone will be in the starting zones...

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    if it sony it all about the money. this is one big reson i wont be playing. when i found out that soe was doing the thing i knew what will happen, i was in swg when they did the class thing and lost so moany player

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    Thats kind of lame. One of the selling points of Vanguard is its diversity in classes and races. To limit the ability for users to take advantage of that is unfair. If this is true, then it really is all about the benjamins, baby.

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