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Server names announced

The server names that will be available at launch have been announced through Vanguard's Affiliate program


  • Thunderaxe
  • Florendyl
  • Woefeather
  • Gulgrethor
  • Targonor
  • Hilsbury
  • Shidreth
  • Flamehammer


  • Tharridon

1 US alt PVP

  • Varking


  • Gelenia


  • Frengrot

This list is directly from SilkyVenom an official vanguard affiliate


  • #1

    8 US PVE

    Thunderaxe - Clan that once ruled the Dwarves ( King Dargun was a Thunderaxe)

    Florendyl - Name of the High Elven Royal Line

    Woefeather - Er, I guess someone misstranslated and I need to rename my giant. Karax Woefather was the name, but hey, I guess its Woefeather now.

    Gulgrethor - Clan of Orcs, oppress that Martok tribe and invaded Thestra

    Targonor - Line of Thestran Kings

    Hilsbury - Named for Talyfyn Hilsbury, the lord of Hilsbury

    Shidreth - Shidreth Ahgramun, ancient ruler of Qalia, Ahgram was named after him by his son, Fassethi after a bloody civil war.

    Flamehammer - Name of the current Dwarven Royal Family, King Mithdor etc

    1 US PVP

    Tharridon - Tharridon the Mighty, a powerful Thestran Giant.

    1 US alt PVP

    Varking - Varking the Accursed, a powerful Thestran Giant.

    1 EU PVE

    Gelenia - A famous Blood Mage, various spells named after this character

    1 EU PVP

    Frengrot - Fengrot Foulbreath, another Giant of Thestra.

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