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WoW : $10 for name change.

Players will now be able to change the name of their characters for $10. Thats not much for some. In fact, some people who had a level 70 toon will be willing to remake a new character of the same class for literally 'name's sake".

The ones that will benefit the most from this would be the account/character sellers, so Blizzard better keep an eye out for them.

We’re happy to announce that through the wonders of modern gnomish engineering, you are now able to change your characters’ names. Finally, you can turn the moniker that seemed like a good idea at the time into something more befitting your true standing in World of Warcraft.

Visit Account Management ( ) to begin the paid character-name-change process. The fee is $10 per name change. As with our recent addition of voice chat to the game, this feature is being rolled out across all realms in several phases. The first-phase realms are listed in this forum post. Enjoy this new feature and the subsequent effect that your bold new name will have on friends and foes alike.

Aerie Peak

Altar of Storms
Alterac Mountains
Black Dragonflight
Blackwing Lair
Demon Soul
Steamwheedle Cartel
The Venture Co


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  • #1

    I have a easier way of doing it, alot cheaper than Blizzards :D
    Pay me a couple of bucks, and I'll report your name^^

    ...Or you could always tell your friends to report your name, and then the GMs will "force" you to change^^

  • #2

    could I get a link to blue post?

    is it posible to rename warlock's demons?

  • #3

    no, while where i play now, Thrall, is an older server, my original server for my main is Jaedenar... and it's a newer server. around a year or so at this point. not super new, but definitely not old. Plus i know that Whisperwind is a very old server and it's not on the list.

  • #4

    Yay now the ebayers dont have to change realms!

  • #5

    wow sux play
    j/k ofc not

  • #6

    It has nothing to do with progression. These are all old world servers.

  • #7

    why would it be 10$ per spell cast? think about what u are saying before u say it.... that in no way reflects blizzards name change.

  • #8

    IF these servers where best in progressing Maghteridon would surely be there, but its not.. That conclusive is out of sync..

  • #9

    Hehe this is how we will be able to keep our nick for our deathknight rerol

  • #10

    I for one welcome the Idea, I have a char named BloodTsu and would pay 10 happily to change it to Tsu so people would quit calling me Blood, Hi blood, how you doing blood, Its Tsu I made the mistake of putting it on a char I never play.

  • #11

    Next is $10 per spell cast.

  • #12

    why are people complaining about blizzard trying to make money? thats what companys do; i dont know about youall, but i know many people that want to change their character names because at the time they though that name was "cute" and "funny" and at 70 when they wanna get groups people dont want to invite a tank named "noobsauceftw". everybody that complains about blizzard making money should make their own company and give out everything free, and to people who say blizzard sucks... why are you still playing WoW, sc, and WC RTS games? and if you quit them... why are you reading these forums? :p
    oh and also, would you rather blizzard have never put this OPTION in? its just another bonus that blizzard is giving us. as far as i know of no other MMO gives this option. (and dont say that they should have given the option to us, technically blizzard doesnt have to do anything, they just choose to.)

  • #13

    My belief for the servers chosen are they are the original Servers, Or that they are the servers with the most progression/ active players.

  • #14

    Don't hate the player.

  • #15

    Anyone know exactly why these specific servers are on the initial release list? i know it's the same as the voice chat ones i just want to know why. O.o

    oh and lawl. i forced a name change on my priest when i transferred servers by just making a toon with her name on the new server. obviously not the best way for a name change if you don't need to transfer but nice otherwise. ;)

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