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China: M'uru beaten in the 1st timer

Stars (The horde guild which done naxx firstly in CWOW - Chinese WOW) killed M'uru just now on21:27pm (GMT+8:00), 12th May, here is their official link of the kill:

It's the 1st timer of CWOW with M'uru available (Chinese servers always get patched a week later than US & EU, including contents like naxx and the last 3 doors of sunwell of course). Stars is the 7th guild to down M'uru right now worldwide, and 3rd guild who killed it in 1st timer.

1、SK Gaming (Horde/Vek'nilash,EU)
2、Exodus (Horde/Kel'Thuzad ,US)
3、Premonition (Alliance/Alleria,US)
4、Deus Vox (Alliance/Laughing Skull,US)
5、Inner Sanctum (Alliance/Silvermoon,EU)
6、For the horde (Horde/Destromath,EU)
7、Stars (Horde/Anvilmar,CN)

Killing shot:

Loots were:

Impressive, my opinion is even consider of the help that brought by videos of Exodus and SK Gaming, the effort and success in this fight proved they are not worse than other top guilds in this game.

Stars wiped on last try yesterday with M'uru had only 2000 hp left, one of the raid members dropped on that try due to the shitty ISP. And they finally managed to kill this boss on the 2nd attempt tonight.

Another Chinese guild "The 7" (The Seventh Heaven, Alliance, achieved FD of Illidan in CWOW) has also brought M'uru to very low health, but affected by the earthquake disaster today ( some members couldn't go on with the raiding, bless and wish all guys would be safe, FD/loot is so meaningless in the presence of such threat to lifes.

These two guilds have been leading the pve race in CWOW since TBC released. And there are only 12 guilds known that had downed Eredar Twins in CWOW so far.

While EU & US uber guilds like Nihilum/SK/Dnt are widely admired, I think there are also some guilds out of our visual field deserve cheers too, at least mine :)

GJ guys, enjoy this game.


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