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Sunwell loot

Sunwell loot: 99% fake

The following picture appeared last night on WoR forums, its probably a fake coming from a private server, however it is nicely done, therefore many players wanted us to post it to discuss about future Sunwell loot until we get more info from Blizzard.


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    Cilir obviously has a problem with casters getting loot.

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    yup its fake 6 of the weapons are all intell stam this would make it really pointless for melee to go. and plus that blackened naruu sliver 44AP stack 10 time ummm no i don't see that happening

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    zoom into the actual picture (via zoomfox or photoshop) and look at where the letters/numbers are. there is a great amount of distortion around them, no where else, just around the letters and numbers. Take a picture of your very own item tooltips, and you wont get this problem.
    Q.E.D. fake

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    There is too much spelldamage on at least the dagger for it to be realistic. 275 would still be high.

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    lol simulo i could see that happening

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    It must be blizzard if there's a spelling error!!!!

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    There is also a spelling mistake in the Vial of the Sunwell trinket. It says 'accumualted' instead of 'accumulated'

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    The sliver and the Vial of Sunwell seem like obvious fakes.

    7.88 seconds is an odd number, bliz would just go for 8.

    As for the vial, it's too creative. Blizzard would just throw +healing or something, they cant be bothered to make something new.

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    Even Blizzard aren't that low...

  • #10

    watch, blizzard will go "sweet! we dont have to work" and cop those item names and stats...and slap on some old, rarely seen, skin and say "look at what we did...we worked sooooo hard on it"

    You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. - Albert Einstein

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    Definately fake. Too many outright historical references in the mix.

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