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New AFK Rules in PvP

Blizzard has completely changed their stance on people being AFK in the battlegrounds and instituted a much stiffer penalty for people who are non-participants in the BGs and trying to leach honor.

Initally the report AFK system only ensured that they would receive no honor for the BG if enough people reported them unless they engaged an enemy in combat. Now the penalties range from removal of honor points to losing recently acquired PvP gear and even account suspension is there are enough infractions of this sort.

There are many threads on the Official World of Warcraft Forums about this and many blue responses. This has been a major problem in WoW Battlegrounds for quite some time and hopefully this new system will finally end this cheating practice once and for all.


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    lol, NICE =P

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    • 2: Blizzard do not allow sharing accounts with anyone... EXCEPT for the one minor who you opened the account for, according to the EULA/ToS/whatever-license-it-is (IOW, you could "bend the truth" a little, and say that you opened the account for him/her)

    Still, it's wrong to let a 5 year old kid play a game for 12+ (if the kid was about 10-11, then, well, maybe under supervision...)

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    My idea? I say, do away with honor and marks. Change the validation of going to ANY battleground to a weighted scoring system based on objectives achieved personally and within a certain distance of a BG objective being achieved WHILE active (moving, drinking, eating, casting, etc., but not fishing or crafting) combined with personal damage output and healing contributions, but not kills.

    This makes it "fair". Damage output > kills because the rogue picking on or finishing off weak mages and priests with <3k hit points didn't do as much work as the rogue that just dusted a warrior or lock with >8k hit points. The mage that AOE's a group of enemies is doing a lot more damage and causing more confusion (and possibly debuffing at the same time) than the hunter focusing on killing one paladin (although one can argue that killing one paladin will = a lot of damage done).

    I think Blizz should take notes from Halo 3's medal system and utilize the various types of medals Bungie created in the context of WoW. Don't put artificial limitations on the number of achievements one can accomplish per battleground, but keep the types of scoring so diverse and interactive that people won't WANT to AFK. You buffed 100 times? Grats, here's some "credit" towards your BG gear. You got 100k worth of heals? You must've been tanking, so here's some "credit" towards BG gear. You contributed 50 gallons of blood/armor pieces/pounds of flesh/etc.? Here, credit... etc. etc. so on and so forth. You didn't do $!@#? No cookie for you.

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    anyone that says another player should be banned, should be banned

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    it is Blizzard - so you never know =P

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    I think you all need to STOP QQing about AFKERS it is not my fault you choose the alliance side with all 12 year old players or the Horde side with the computer geeks who make bots. STFU is what I say. Stop whining. I hope you all get reported afk that one time you run for the door and I hope blizz bans you for it. This games sucks everysince they made the PVP aspect of it so unbalanced. I am waiting for a new game and telling blizz to shove wow up their ass. So stop your damn whining and get over it. It is a damn game not life you don't like it then get out.

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    harsher penalties will do nothing. You can't make people do things they don't want to do. The people who used to afk will just do the bare minimum they have to do to get their mark. They will not instantly be 'motivated' and 'gung-ho' to fight now just because there are harsh afk penalties.. that's a ridiculous assumption.

    The solution is to remove the different kinds of marks for different battlegrounds. People afk because they have the honor they need from running the battlegrounds they enjoy, and then they just need to afk thru 20 or 30 wsgs or whatever to get the marks they need to buy the gear. But the fights are always so imballanced with pugs going against premades people just don't want to do bgs like wsg any more. You can't make them. Your penalties will just make the situation worse.

    Remove the mark system. All it's doing is making people go in the bgs they don't like. Is it any wonder they go afk? Come now, I'd be amazed if they didn't.

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    "Blizz needs to make a program that weighs what a players participation was worth in a BG. Not an easy task but only one I see working. Little damage done little healing of others means little honor. For this to work though graveyards would have to not be soloable again."

    Problem with this is that if you're defending a GY or a tower in AV, if nobody attacks your asset, then you'll be seen as "afking" by the algorithm you mention above. If the algorithm allows for less to be done near an asset, then AFKers are going to run straight to a graveyard and stop there.

    What about a 1hr debuff that doesn't allow somebody reported AFK into a BG? Like deserting? Could be called "insubordination" or worse "cowardice". Everybody could see the debuff and know that you were a BG AFKer... then it's street justice time - lol.

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    omg i cant wait to do some more BG's specialy AV with more than 15 people and atlast were gona do something right for a change and have backup to kick Drek's arse whoot :D

    and the taking away of gear isn't harsh it just fair ive done loads of BG's and mostly just won coz we got some good geared people even though were just 15 - 20 people trying to win AV. We work for our gear and honor so others shouldn't be leaching in the first place GO Blizz :D


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    i like this idea but, taking gear and honor away is kind of harsh

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    In BG 9 horde would win av more than not but with the new rules cavers from alliance now run south till they hit the horde stand there, die, then rinse and repeat. I want the afkers gone so badly but what this has done is horde now stops and solo kills these new style afkers and allows alliance defense to hold long enough for their offense to get our relief. Idea was great but bugged. The minor bandage fixes we have seen are not the answer. Blizz needs to make a program that weighs what a players participation was worth in a BG. Not an easy task but only one I see working. Little damage done little healing of others means little honor. For this to work though graveyards would have to not be soloable again.

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    Of course it doesnt, there are two ways of afking in PvP, and one of them doesnt let you PvP for 15 minutes (ie leaving the battleground), the other one allows you to gain honor with no work (usually involving some kind of foul play, bots or otherwise).
    One of them is being targeted. Now guess which one.

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    There is a quick way to keep from getting reported, just talk in /bg and dont be asocial like everyone else doing PvP these days.

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    My only problem with that - does this apply to say /afking to exit a BG?

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    I totally agree with the problem with AFKer.

    But as i have a computer that barely able to play the game ( my own fault i know but still )

    I can only play during the week, as I get to much lag on the computer to play on the weekends.

    So what happens if the game freezes for this person, or they lag out, or like many times since i am a high level and never bothered to PVP before...I have no idea where to go?

    Many times i ask, with no response, and for example in Warsong I got so confused finally a person just said.."follow me" i did, and was able to help...and actually help deliver the winning shot...either as a lagged kill giving the team mate the sneak in to kill or some how...

    The point is this...make sure the person is actually AFK....i know others they lagged out of the game....and was finally able to log back 10 minutes discover they might of looked like they was in batle the whole time...which would look like to others they are AFK....

    Also about bots....might not be a bot. I tend to avoid conflict and senak my way to capture a flag or something...and fight when i need to ( mainly any fight laggs me out is why ) so noo I hope that I never get taken as a bot, or an AFKer.......hence why I hope that blizzard somehow makes sure that the person is actually AFK or not a bot before delivering a negative result.....or at least talking to the offender first to find out what happened.

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