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WoW players march for Ron Paul

For those of you going "Huh?" -- Ron Paul is one of the candidates for the 2008 US Presidential Election. Apparently a group of his supporters recently planned a march in Azeroth to garner support for Ron Paul, who has recently risen in the race for President -- hoping to topple the more well-known, vocal candidates.

The march took place on January 1st, and according to these videos, quite a few people turned out. That said, political analysts feel this won't win any votes, as innovative an approach as it was.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a sign of things to come -- one where World of Warcraft is yet another stage for political campaigning? Oddly enough Ron Paul seems to be one who's against regulating the internet, so perhaps the same holds true when it comes to regulating video game content to an extreme degree. I suppose it's only fitting, then, that his supporters turn out not just in flesh, but in polygons as well.

Note: Curse is not affiliated with Ron Paul or any political stance as a website -- we simply bring you the news, no matter how strange it is.


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    VOTE RON PAUL! There is a lvl 1 toon on Shadowmoon that periodically pops up near the SW AH and waves and says "Hello Friend! Vote Ron Paul! Hope For America!". It always stirs up alot of controversy however I think it's quite clever and shows the passion some people have for this candidate. I'm a staunch Paul supporter and see nothing wrong with this practice. If you're brave enough to monitor the trade channels in IF or SW you see LOTS more offensive crap than someone waving and saying hello...

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    Cute. Too bad all American politicians are insane by Swedish standards.

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    oops, looks like i have to stop admiring all those go-get-em ron paulers..turns out he's a racist homophobe, after all!

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    w00t I wondered what this random video was about when it was sent to me earlier today!

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    Unless Ron Paul or anybody else who wants to do campaigning/advertising in Azeroth are going to start paying my monthly fee, I don't want to see them in my favorite game. This just isn't the place for it.

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    I like the idea of the in-game demonstration. I like it more because it was homegrown and not organized by Ron Paul's campaign. At this point I don't think he stands a chance at winning the nomination or the presidency, but I admire his supporters for plugging away anyhow.

    Whether or not politics belongs in video games (it exists in them already, and not just in WoW), I doubt Blizzard will allow it to continue in the game. Any sort of political discussion on the forums is immediately locked/deleted by the CMs. Blizzard has made it quite clear that they aren't okay with it, and while it's easier to moderate a forum than it is the game itself, I doubt things like that will be allowed to continue unchecked.

    As the saying goes, "the masses are asses", and that's proven every day on the forums. Try to have an intelligent discussion/debate on just about any topic, and sooner than later it'll get derailed by some crazy comment.

    And as for Heydan, the title of the post should have been enough for you to not bother "wasting" your 30 seconds in the first place. Not all of us voted for Bush, and Europe isn't in much better of a place than the States these days (whether you're in the EU or not).

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    Sir i am from Europe so gtfo and give me my 30 seconds back :P I will say this though ..Bush? really?:) Twice even?:) Vote a real man not a puppet.

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    Whats next ? Goldspammers will add the line "I approve of this message" to all their add's ROFL

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    Hi All,

    Totally agree with previous people that said that politics has no place in a game which is for relaxation and not hearing real life issues. smacking us in the face.

    Unfortunately also this game is not only played in USA but has a global reach and so more players need to obtain cultural awarness of what they are saying and implying in WoW. Blizzard will soon step in and stop this behaving, since they have a duty to GLOBAL players to ensure that there is no negativity directly or indirectly in their game.

    A game is for FUN and relaxation, so anyone approaching me with such issues will quickly go on my ignore list..:-)

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    I fully agree with Sirithil and Nechi. Politics is one of the things people are trying to escape from as they sit down to go play World of Warcraft...

    IMO World of Warcraft has too much indirect influence on things because so many people play it, which is good for us, but might turn out badly for Blizzard, which eventually afflicts the subscribers.

    Let's leave politics where it belongs, anywhere but near anything relaxing.

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    Yeah, I have no doubt in my mind that Blizzard would eventually step in and attempt to prevent this at some point if it got out of hand.

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    Politics do not belong in the game. In fact, any group with a real life agenda that doesn't directly apply to azeroth does not belong in the game.

    This is kind of thing will just cause splits in the community as the full spectrum of political affiliation is playing the game at any given time. I'm pretty sure blizzard doesn't want to end up as another soapbox for people to stand on either.

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    Ron Paul is no different than the rest of the political establishment. Promises one thing then when he gets office he breaks his promises.

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    I'm gonna be honest. I like Ron Paul. I like a lot of what he has to say (not all, but whatever, who has a candidate they agree with on everything?). I follow politics pretty passionately. But when I'm playing WoW, I just plain don't want to deal with it. So while this was clever, it just kinda came off the wrong way a bit for me.

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    lol, Ron Paul

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