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Patch 2.4, Death Knight, Hero classes

As you can see, Blue Posters are back in the office.

WotLK: Sacrificing a high level character to get a buffed Death Knight? (src)

"The ability to convert a high-level character into a DK, and carrying over reputation, titles (including legacy PvP titles), and perhaps starting at a higher level than the "fresh" DK and a unique title (like "Fallen Warrior" or "Fallen Priest")."

If you want to "sacrifice" a character, you are welcome to role-play it out that way, but we don't plan to force this on players just to try out a new class.
I see what you are saying, the option is there for you to role-play it in such a way, but we have no current plans for characters and their items (which I'm guessing is primary concern for this) to be converted into a Deathknight.

Live Servers: Cross Realm BGs Broken on Bloodlust (src)

Yes, we're aware and our network admins are working to address the issue. It is affecting the entire battlegroup.

Patch 2.4: No plans to add new Badge of Justice gear (src)

We currently don't have plans to implement new Badge of Justice gear.

About Hero Classes (src)

We have announced and are developing the first (and currently only) Hero Class, the Deathknight. Because of this a lot of discussions have come up regarding future Hero Classes and the Demon Hunter is near the top of the "most often brought up" list due to its popularity and strong lore background.
Would a Demon Hunter be fun to play? Yes, but so would a number of other possibilities.
To be straight to the point: We have not announced any other Hero Classes at this point in time and we will have to wait and see what the future holds after the Deathknight makes its impact on Azeroth.

Details on patch 2.4 coming soon, No WotLK info (src)

I hope you aren't holding your breath on this as I don't believe any of this information (release date, talents, abilities) is imminent. Information and updates on future content comes slowly so please be patient while we finalize and iron things out.
Details on patch 2.4 will be coming "soon" though.

What is the direction Blizzard intend this game to go towards? (src)

"Can you give us some indication of where you stand with regards to the question of PVP and PVE and the relationship between the two."

We intend to keep focusing on fun, advancing the storyline of World of Warcraft and Azeroth and finding ways to continue giving players a challenge while making as much as possible still accessible. We intend to add siege weapons in PvP and we intend on continuing to make great PvE encounters.
There will always be argument about direction and many will argue for or against a direction as if it is the way to go or the way not to go, but World of Warcraft offers alot of things to alot of people and we like it that way. We want to continue to entice players to take part in many facets of the game.


  • #1

    Melee healer -> ret pally w/ JoL up ~.o

    Anyway they don't need to do anything you say they need to because I'm quite sure they know what they're doing since they've been making some of the greatest games of all time for over a decade...

    Just my 2 cents

  • #2

    the deathknight will be no more powerful than any other class singularly, as this would unbalance pvp and create playerbase issues, as blizz is all about balance and accessablilty, but i believe it will most likely augment other classes powers to create special combos, similar to what works well in eq2 and similar games. These moves would most likely have the DK do an opener to start the combo with each individual class having to be involved with special timing, to create a whole new gameplay dynamic to wow,

  • #3

    I enjoy both facets of the game, PvE and PvP, the only thing I would like to see is if Blizz plans to up the number of realm toons allowed per account, the cap at 10, fo rplayers such as myself is about 3 to low, hehe, not really, but would like to see about 12 available, it gives players the ability to have a toon of each class and profession, and I personnally have learned more about the game by playing the different types of toons. The Deathknight would be an awesome addition to my current set of toons on my server where I have my main. Just a personal thing.

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    yes, god forbid blizzard tells us anything about a game, i played ffxi and some other mmos and i barely heard anything, at least wow tells you stuff they are doing rather than doing it at once and nerfs are a huge slap to the face

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    Blizzard is doing nothing wrong with this, "politcal" thing you think is being done. They say nothing because they are smart and do not make (too many) promises they can't keep, and they don't create things just to have news for, thats an intelligent move. And as for the people who think this is big news, who cares? If it is to them, let them live thinking it, just because its not to you and couple others doesnt make you any better.

  • #6

    How many death knights would be able to "create " per server?! xD

  • #7

    You don't know yet exactly what the Deathknight will do, so stop whining.
    And your post will not change the fact that there will come only 1 hero class at first.

    And the deathknight will be a melee dps too and do some healing : )

  • #8

    Blizzard saw what adding too many "new" classes did to other MMOs and didn't want to make the same mistake. While it may have seemed a good idea to some, adding too much of something completely new all at once can degrade the games value. If we all became Deathknights, Blademasters, or any of these new hero classes, there would be no one to play the role of primary dps, primary healers, etc. Lets leave the changes to the people that actually research and not just do what the other MMO's are doing.

  • #9

    i was kinda saying the same. blizzard (and others) have a way of being too political about their statements... meaning: say nothing over and over and over, while others fail to see that and post it as big news.

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    I'm kind of disappointed in the way that Blizzard handled hero classes. It would've been better if they had added a bunch all at once, and you could convert your character into the respective hero class. RO did it a similar thing with the ascention.

    For example, a warrior or paladin could undergo a quest to turn themself into a deathknight. Perhaps a hunter could be a demon hunter, rogues blademasters, mages/warlocks into archmages, etc.

    Would've made the game a lot more interested. Instead, were going to be flooded with thousands of Deathknights when wotlk comes out. At least Blizzard gave them the ability to tank, heal, and DPS, because they're all you're going to find in groups for quite a long time.

  • #11

    Yay for nothing new here at all!! Rehash ftw.

  • #12

    in regards to the Hero Classes in WotLK, i think they should release a minimum of 2 classes we have the Tank/Caster (Death Knigh) maybe they should also do a Melee/Healer... maybe a Monk, Combat Healer


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