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Teen burns friend; WoW gets blamed

It seems that blaming violent acts by the minority is perfect grounds to persecute the content of PC games like World of Warcraft as, once again, we are presented with a remote case that is being treated strangely like a persistent problem.

A 17-year old Chinese boy attacked and burned a classmate from School and then promptly blamed World of Warcraft for his actions.

The boy had earlier been in a fight with the victim, which he had lost. He later decided to take revenge on the victim by dousing him in gasoline and setting him on fire. The victim suffered third-degree burns on 38% of his body and the attacker claims that he lost himself in World of Warcraft. Whilst setting the victim alight, he claims he transformed into a Fire Mage.

The 17-year old boy received 8 years in prison and his accomplice received seven. The victim will receive compensation after suffering burns to 55% of his body and the parents of both the attacker and the accomplice have been ordered to pay a fine of 750,000 RMB.


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  • #1

    He gives a bad name to all Asians.

  • #2

    I belive that the kid told that story just to get rid of the pennalty that he knew he would support.... it's playn bullshit to give the fault on a game for what u do... and it will never solve something... just ruining the game profit... and btw chinese farmers arent in china mostly.. it's just a term for theyr insane playing...

  • #3

    Fireblast crit procs ignite!!

  • #4

    They should take a leaf out his book and Execute him ;)

  • #5

    I wonder what would have happened if he transformed into a Frost mage, or worse, and arcane mage...

  • #6

    Actually it just proves how absolutley RETARDED people in the world are. The kid who did the burning, the kids accomplice (this freak actually talked someone else into helping him?! WTF), their parents, and any authority figures this kid came into contact with. Something was already wrong in this kid's head and no one bothered to notice, or they did and let it slide. I hope China bans WoW outright, I'm sick of their damn gold spam anyway.

  • #7

    This story just proves how people can become if they allow their thoughts to be influenced by a video game. Way to go.

  • #8

    the 17 year boy well for one he was stupid how in tha hell do u burn another child because u lost a freakin fight to him? that for one jus shows the ignorance and haste of the generation of today. does he not kno that he pratically ruined that other boys life? does he not kno how much pain he caused to him? parents should really sit with their children and develope strong relations to prevent stupid dumb shit (excuse my language) like this, cuz in the end it ain't worth it.

    and two since when did fire mages use gasoline to burn ppl he jus used that excuse cuz it was the first thing that came to mind and he wanted to appear innocent and reduce jail time, which obviously didnt work

  • #9

    How convenient. I'm sure Jack Thompson will be all over this.

  • #10

    always the same old story, blame a movie, game, TV for the actions of some derranged idiot. fact is that if these tossers are this loose in the head, WTF are their parents doing letting them play or watch this kinda stuff for if they can't handle the difference between reality and fiction?

    Even when I was a little kid I knew that if I ever killed (or tried too) someone that they wouldn't appear 3 secs later ready for round 2

    It's just the blame being shunted around, but bottom line is that it's parents that most likely bought this kid the game, it was the parents allowing this kid to play this game, and it was the parents that failed to realise their dopey kid couldn't see the line between fiction and real life

  • #11

    Fire Blast or Fireball, one of the two, is instant. But this guy is seriously fuxored!!!!11one

  • #12

    I'm not asian but yer a freakin bonehead.
    "How about not offering the game to Asia"
    Yea right. Cut out the game sales for all of asia. I see that happening.
    That's like McDonalds not selling burgers anymore.

  • #13

    WoW doesnt have nothing to do with retarded no lifers antisocial chinese.
    Some people should just get a life or get raped in it, not play WoW to escape fukin retards no lifers sukers.

  • #14

    Hold on so wait. Has anyone seen that it is usualy asian people that do this. How about not offering the game to Asia. it would cut down on Gold farmers and stupidity like this. (No offense to anyone if they are asian.) Im just saying aparently people in asia think they cna get away with shit like this, welt hello YOU CANT. Like if I duel my friend and he kills me I cant run over to his house and yell "RAWR IM A WARRIOR ERRR WOW IS BAD" and then cut his head open with a sword and say "Heroic strike 5k crit. Woot. It doesnt work like that. If we just not alow the game to asia then it would cut down on gold farmers and everyone hates those and power lvlers and also stupid shit like this. So im sry if you are asian but other people in asia fucked it up for ya. And that is my words on this matter.

  • #15

    I just hate stupid people.... and this idiot is the opitomy of stupitity. I'll sick my Pet on him, cast beastial Wrath, drop the Devilsaur trinket and watch his HP meter go.... But then again this is reality and not an MMORPG. So I'd just b*tch smack. Yeah, I really do hate stupid people. If you can't take resposibility for your own actions, than you have no right to be out walking around with everyone else that can and do.

    A premeditated act like his should have gotten him a whole lot more than 8 years! As stated in another comment, he is 17, not a child. He should have been sentenced as an adult. A premeditation like that.... he had the full intent to kill the victim in an extreamly violent maner. He should have gotten life. Or worse.

    WoW is addicting, yes. But most of the time only if you have an addictive personality. For example an ex drug user, or ex alcoholic. They simply shift thier addiction to something else. I think playing a few hours of a video game that you interact with other people world-wide is alot better than spending hundreds of dollars for a few hours of complete stupor with the high chance you will die IRL from it, and a garentee that you will cause great damage to your body and your loved ones.
    But hey, that's just my opinion.

    After my car wreck I did not socialize with many people at all. Lack of trust, and low opinion of most everyone else on the planet. And you know what, because of this game I do socialize with people, and Not just ingame anymore. I met a wonderful guy in the guild I joined (Ex DnD player, about to give up on WoW untill a friend had me join thier server and give it another try). We have been together IRL for several months now, And YES I blame WoW! I blame WoW for my HAPPINESS!

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