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Is World of Warcraft safe for 2008?

The BBC website has put up an insightful article regarding World of Warcraft and the potential for it to be dethroned in 2008 by the two main contenders for the throne - Age of Conan and Warhammer Online.

The article doesn't just discuss the outstanding success of World of Warcraft, being the most played game between April and November 2007, beating it closest rival, The Sims; the massive increase in subscriber figures, from 8 million in January 2007 to 9.3 million in July 2007. The article also discusses the potential for not only game titles to dethrone the monster but also regulations, with the UK regulation board looking to redefine MMOGs to better represent them, which has the potential to damage the MMO genre.

According to statistics gathered by Nielsen the average WoW player racks up 17 hours of play per week - 12 hours more than its nearest competitor The Sims. As such it was the most played PC game between April and November 2007.

In online games such as World of Warcraft players create an avatar or character, give them a profession and venture out into the game world to battle monsters, find treasure and turn their novice into a powerful hero or heroine. [...] In the UK the Byron Review is scrutinising video games with a view to drawing up new regulations and guidelines governing them.

"It's about educating parents more than anything and perhaps making changes in terms of rating systems," he said, "This was likely to mean best practice guidelines for parents but may eventually involve new legislation.That would alter how online games are both portrayed and played," said Mr Wride.



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  • #1

    noway who or aoc will ever dethrone WoW, we still have to much to look forward to, to much content and strings to be tied

    il be sticking around till we beat the burning legion

  • #2

    Factors Family Players will be looking for in new games
    (( Reasons why Players Changed from EverQuest to World of Warcraft ))

    1) How smooth is the Game Play (Do I need a state of the art computer or can my kids use the 2 yr old machine I used to use)

    2) Context (Can my kids understand the controls and will it be fun for all ages)

    3) Graphics (Attractive Backgrounds and Avatars-Characters are the deciding point for many players)

    4) Monthly Cost & Game Cost (Am I going to get a Benefit for having Multiple Accounts? Is there a Family Plan? Am I going to have to pay more than 50 US Dollars & Is the First 1-2 months Free Play)

    5) Storyline (Does it have any?)

    I played EQ & EQ II (started EQ II during Beta) One of the Main Reasons for Leaving EQ II was the instability. Daily downloads became a pain, good graphics but very unstable platform, instead of stablizing the platform and doing weekly updates like Sony did with EverQuest, the EvrQuest II Team keeps the system in a constant flux and the opening of the EQ Store where players can buy ingame items was another factor. If I worked a player to the maximum level, quested and worked my way to a specific item I don't want to see Joe Blow with the same item because he's got rich parents that bought him the same item.

    WoW offered me a new game system without an Ingame Store, Weekly not Daily patches, More Stability, Storyline but lacked the Character Customization, Cool Armor & Weapons (seriously whoever is designing the Armor for WoW needs to get fired those Helmets are ugly and 90% of the players have Helmets turned off). Armor Dye while its only cosmetic pleases players immensely, If one of the new games offers Armor Dye & has nice graphics and helms I dont feel like puking in, it would be a deciding factor.

  • #3

    .... that's jus dumb

  • #4

    Don't Worry, the BBC are probably wrong...
    Its the BBC...


  • #5

    Ita all about what gameplay u like. Im getting tired of all these fanboys sayin that sux because of this or that before even tried it. it all depends on what gamestyle u are after. Safe or not if ppl like the playstile in wow they wont switch over to these games

  • #6

    Go to stage6 and look for gameplay vids and judge for your self. So far everything to me seems kinda bla. Nothing seemed to say PLAY ME! I will say if your a fan of WAR table top this might be your fix but come on. Most of thouse people hide in the back room of comic stores or started playing Warcraft cus you can get that action on your PC. So in other words don't belive the hype till you try it yourself :P

  • #7

    I'd have to say that everyone caliming the Age of Conan is not a contender to WoWs throne has obviously been living in some form of small box for the last 12 months. AoC is possibly one of the most impressive titles due out next year and after reading several hands on previews (including one here at Curse) and reading what critics are saying, it is going to be an impressive game.

    Age of Conan is a contender to World of Warcraft, as is Warhammer Online. War and AoC are the two titles recieving the most press coverage at the moment and the majority of the hype for next year is around those two titles... in the MMO genre at least.

  • #8

    at bottom of article is link to BBC, takes U direct to actual page.
    not sure what fuss is about, simple journalistic trick to use inflamitory headline to get U to read, article itself clearly shows Blizz's dominance , as for legislation, so what, I don't need lil kids practicing cuss words in chat to have a good gaming experience !

  • #9

    Never gonna happen thats all ima say. Bye.

  • #10

    There you go, if you ever noticed, Blizzard is very tactical on how they release their expansions, when they are going down they release, not when its conveinient for them. If you look at games like EQ, and others they release expansions periodically, which can create a bad pace of content due to the fact that they release them so close.

  • #11

    Wow, an intelligent post for once on this matter.

    I def. have to say that people need to stop trying to define themselves as better then wow, and just accept the fact the only way to gather people from their game is to polish a better-tuned game.

    WoW gained its fanbase not only because of the beautiful world it created, but also that beautiful world that does not require a behemoth of a computer to run (which AoC will) and the fact that leveling is a breeze compared to most mmo's, which will allow more casual and average players to join in and just have fun; ultimately maybe turning them into harcore MMO players.

    WoW is something developers need to look at and say "wow, thats true, maybe we need to use that as well" because too many companies try to be "independent" and try their new ideas and leave the real good ones behind. But soon i believe, just like Blizzard realized, using the "tried and true" tactics makes a game amazing, especially for those people that know the gameplay their adapting to.

    Oh and one more thing, if WAR has epic 40-man and etc raid dungeons, which will adhere to the hardcore players of WAR, then i may pick it up as that is the kind of player i am; and is also one of the things i fell in love with Wow for, seeing as not many MMO's (i never played EQ) have ever done from what ive played.

    All i know is WoW will be known in the gaming universe for a long time, either as in the history books as the game "that once trampled the top for years" or still #1 for time to come, who knows; i dont care because WoW was a great game, but cant be it forever. (Although i wish it could :( )

  • #12

    your #3 aint working out right now.

    I'll agree on the 2 first, but with arena seasons you would be silly to still claim #3.

    Right now, though, arena is messing up alot of aspects of their game. Internal clas balances, enticement for people to raid at all (get better loot from not raiding) and so on.

    Things ARE going dowhill for WoW, and while things were more stale before TBC, I don't really see TBC as a sucessful expansion overall. It had too negative an impact on alot amount of raiding guilds in the lower end spectrum to the middle end. If Blizz doesn't start catering better to this area, those guilds will find more interesting pastures to go to. Pastures where they too can eat rather than just stare at all the grass...

  • #13

    Do you really think all 9.3 million subscribers are raiders?

    There are alot of casuals, and while I'm not one of them in the amount of time playing, I do recognize their existance and numbers.

  • #14

    I personally am going to attempt to give up WoW for WAR, I'm just bored with wow now, my played time has gone down from what as 60-100 hours a week to 10-30 for the past few months.
    TBC Really ruined it. I'm hoping WAR will be a good new game to get addicted to. :P

  • #15

    AoC may completely flop - it's awfully premature to declare that it will even contend with WoW, much less really challenge it. WAR is another matter, but it's going to have to be truly phenomenal to grab anything near the sort of playerbase WoW has.

    What articles like this don't seem to grasp is that WoW didn't come on the scene and just grab market share from existing MMOs. It did that, and then proceeded to create millions upon millions of brand new MMO players, completely redefining the playing field. WoW isn't just part of the MMO marketplace, it is the MMO marketplace.

    WAR, especially, is at risk from looking too much like WoW. Yes, yes, we all know Warhammer is a storied and ancient setting, but just like with Starcraft, Blizzard has been particularly adept at borrowing heavily from Games Workshop properties and making them into their own household names, while GW scrambles to catch up.

    The designers and developers of these and other new games should humbly thank Blizzard for creating such a wonderful new source of customers for them, since for the foreseeable future, all MMOs will be judged in relation to WoW, and most likely found lacking.

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