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Unlimited Escapism Vol. 4 Released

BaronSoosdon is back with his latest installment of Unlimited Escapism, just in time for everyone to kick back and relax, while winding down from the hectic Christmas holiday! The new version moves away from the XViD format he's used in most videos to-date, with Baron adopting the h.264 format for all of his videos in the future, other than those intended for contests.

UEv4 is also the first movie which I release in the h264 format. It will be my choice of format for 2008 in every non-contest movie. Though if there is still demand for the XViD versions, I'll put em up too.

Baron says you can expect two more volumes in 2008, then the series will be done -- perhaps the others containing a plot -- which he says this one lacks. What it doesn't lack is excellent visuals and top-notch editing. The quality is superb as well, and there's a cameo by Obilith, too; check it out below for yourselves, and don't forget to click through on the title to rate it!

var FO_1 = { movie:"", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=" }; $("#flvplayer_1").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_1, "flvplayer_1"); $(this).unbind('click'); });


  • #1

    U need to see that Curse Guild in BlackWing Lair once. THAT video is Kickin' Ass Audio-Visual Experience. I miss Videos Like that and the "Illegal Danish"

  • #2

    No plot or point? There's images on the internet of a man deliberately manipulating his nether regions, but no one would call that artistic.
    While interesting in the editing of several game worlds together, I myself would call this video an aimless jumble.
    Lastly, if you do not like Prisms opinion (or mine), it is better for everyone to just ignore what he (or I) have to say.

  • #3

    Prism is just a tard that has not one artistic bone in his body nor appreciation what it takes to put something like this together. If you read the last, Baron literally admits there is no plot or point.
    This is just an artistic piece showing various areas of WOW, artistically manipulated with music added.

    Thumbs up to Baron, thumbs down to Prism

  • #4

    I know what art is, but a bunch of random shots tied together with glue and some music....
    What's the point?

  • #5

    very well done. keep up the excellent work. and btw i loved the music. <3 trance

  • #6

    Prism doesn't know what art is... Not my thing , but very well done.

  • #7

    Why always the damn loud volume? Does he think people are deaf?
    Had to put the movie players volume to the lowest setting to not get deaf myself.

    Apart from that, crap music (imo anyway) and I got no clue what so ever what the point is about this movie at all. Bunch of separate made movies bound together.
    Waste of time.

  • #8

    coolest looking wow-movie ever ^^

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