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Honor and Battleground Holiday Weekends

With the release of patch 2.3.0, players have seen many changes to the way that honor gain occurs in Battlegrounds and most noticeably in Alterac Valley. With these changes has also come some confusion in regard to where honor bonus comes from during holiday weekends as well as how best for players to optimize gaining bonus honor within the battlegrounds. To help clear up this confusion, Blizzard has taken the time to put together more information.

Click here to view detailed information about gaining honor in the battlegrounds.


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    Oh where to begin....

    In my battlegroup I've seen up to 25 people AFKaving. There's some new mods now that will auto flag people AFK, unfortunately who ever wrote the patch deserves a big punch in the nose because it spams flags everyone so much that it marks people actively guarding as afk if they are out of combat for more than a minute. In the time it took me to recall and do a bunch of turn ins (yes, some of us still do that and I frequently get the wing commanders airborn!) I was marked afk and there was nobody to attack and we won, so, I was cheated out of all bonus honor for playing the game correctly. Not cool.

    Map problems-

    Here's the big reasons horde has problems with SP: they run up the road and just stand there grinding. They insist that if allies don't get SF then there's no way for O to get past. Funny, there's 3 ways to avoid the bottle neck, but nobody uses them. They also insist on getting SP before attempted AS, which is also stupid.

    Another problem is base lay out. Allies can ride past all the NPCs and fight on the flag without any static. Horde ends up pulling half of SP.

    Allies have a VERY short distance that the horde archers will shoot them, horde have 3x the distance across the bridge and up the hill into the bunker. Let's also not forget about the 70 elite stand in teh door way of south bunker. Where's the horde elite? Oh ya, he's down in the other part of the base and away from combat. Horde could use the SH choke point and the IB choke, but they never do (in my group). They feel it's better to have a fast loss than a slow win, meaning, they would rather lose in 10 minute than win in 12 or 15. Math is hard I guess.

    Av scoreing

    For anyone that wants a more computed version of the honor payout, I did some math:

    Bonus Honor Normal Holiday MAX

    Tower Destruction 62 (62.7) 62 (62.7) 248 (251.2)
    Enemy NPC Kill 0 0 0
    Captain Kill (Galv/Bal) 62 (62.7) 62 (62.7) 62 (62.7)
    General Kill (Drek/Van) 83 (83.6) 83 (83.6) 83 (83.6)
    Map Complete (win) 0 83 (83.6) 0
    Per owned Graveyard 0 0 0
    Live Captain 40 (41.8) 40 (41.8) 40 (41.8)
    Per Undestroyed Tower 40 (41.8) 40 (41.8) 160 (167.2)
    Per Owned Mine 0 0 0
    Wing Returned(3) 20 (20.9)/ea 20 (20.9)/ea 60 (62.7)
    Max Payout 653 (669.2) 736 (752.8)

    A few notes:

    All points are calculated on the Blizz "Kill" which is 20.9 Honor. If you kill somebody for the first time in a bg and nobody is there to leech, you get 20.9 honor. If you want to see real honor gains get Honor Kill Counter mod here on Curse.

    The MAX column is in a perfect world. 4 destroyed, 4 saved, 3 returned

    The numbers in ( ) are the actual honor awards vs the ones you see in the Bg "You have been awarded 62 Honor" is actually 62.7 (20.9 x 3)

    GY's, Mines, NPC's gets you NO HONOR
    Winning only gets bonus honor on the holiday weekend.
    Max honor is holding your 4 towers, destroy the four enemy ones, killing the Captain, defending your Captain, and getting your 3 sky guards back to your base.

    Hope this helps

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    Imo the biggest problem here are the idlers that join the battlegrounds, and then do nothing. Match is over, they get honor and mark, get back into queue, enter battlegrounds, and do nothing.

    There should be a penalty for *not being active* in the battlegrounds, like getting the deserter buff for 1h or so. It should be pretty easy to hunt down the bots in there. Some just stand around, some keep on strafing and so on. What they have in common is that they make 0 damage, 0 healing, and barely move. There should be a requirement for some activity during at least half of the time the player is in the battleground. "Report AFK" works, although it's kinda hard to keep track of players while trying to win, and also I'm sure bots can be programmed to respond to the inactivity prompt.

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    Hi Epod,

    Can you please copy and paste the link info. The site is blocked from my view, so I count on the superb work that you guys provide.


    Blood Elf Pally
    Skullcrusher, US

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    What's funny is that Alliance can get to Drek'thar, destroy the Frostwolf towers even before the Horde can get to the Stormpike Graveyard, personally, I think something needs to be added that has a similiar effect as the bridge going into Dun Baldar. Alliance can pretty much walk in to Frostwolf. Then again, it could be poor teamwork on the Horde in the Ruin bracket, but I'll stick to the bridge going into Dun Baldar being the main cause of most Horde losses.

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    Even when Horde was losing, they got more honor than a typical Alliance win. Horde can spend 11 seconds killing Balinda and get an automagic 100 reinforcement benefit before Alliance can get halfway across the FoS.

    I have done about 150 AVs so far. Alliance have won by reinforcements 3. Although, our last Drek kill we were ahead 140 to 93 in reinforcements.

    When Alliance loses, it's painful - no honor at all. In fact, overall it feels like honor and rep gain has been sliced pretty severely.

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    For me the bigest problem it is that ..... lag, very day i meet with him and make me angry always.If i what too buff myself will take about 5-6 sec and for a firebolt like 25-30 sec(with 5 point in reduce casting time :D).Hope u dont have that problem.Good luck and be the best win

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    It's great they took the time to explain just how honor is gained in AV. Too bad it doesn't change the fact the AV pretty much fails now. Especially for alliance in my battlegroup. Why is it that every time they make a change to AV it ends up benefiting one faction over the other?

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