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Necromancer Class? It's more possible than you think.

According to this news by World of Raids, Necromancer could very well be a class in the future for World of Warcraft, as it's already been considered by the development team when tossing around class ideas.

We've already seen a few Necromancer NPCs in the game, with the most notable being Kel'Thuzad. His lackies from Naxxramas, Gothik the Harvester, Heigan the Unclean and Noth the Plaguebringer were also Necromancers.

There are others of course, which you can find here, but this brings an interesting question. What spells would a Necromancer possess in their arsenal; could this be the Dark Knight's "Priestly" brother class -- one of the next Hero classes? WoWWiki notes that the class was definitely planned for the original World of Warcraft game, but it didn't make it into release -- as was the Death Knight.

The three spells from Warcraft III's unit would be a nice addition to the game's class balance dynamics -- with some of them obviously needing to be toned down, but what other abilities could you conjure up in your mind for a Necromancer class, if it were added?

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!


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    that would be a very interesting twist...and if it does come down with the next expansion, you can bet i'll at least try the class out. maybe a necromancer will be the class to whip up on mages and locks with...that'd be wonderful...something powerful enough to take 2 of the hardest classes in the game out...would be awfully nice to have an answer to them. i think it's a great thought. hero classes...i'm hoping that won't only available to pvp fanatics. i'd like to see it an actual class, or an extension of your class by means of heavy questing, etc. now that would be worth having...but it gives me the shivers thinking of a paladin death knight. can't be right, lol.

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    But from what I've heard and understand the Death Knight will be pretty much a necromancer, summoning undead to fight for u and all that, just also able to hit things as well

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    After reading disturbeds comment and some of the other comments out there i began to think of the purpose of the "hero" class. Which brings me to the conclusion that in fact a Necromancer would make sense from the stand point of class progression.

    For this point i draw upon what someone said before that the class would be a combination of several of the cloth wearing classes. Also what another mentioned that they wanted a more complex class. In addition the hero class concept tells us that the class should be a more complex and in some ways powerful version of some of the other classes. A continuation of the gameplay, new classes intended to be played by more mature and experienced players. I think that a Necromancer class would tailor into that very nicely

    What i would like to see is A Necromancer Class and Death Knight Class both come out at the same time in WotLK since both a Necromancer (Kel'Thuzad) and a Death Knight (Arthas) fits in with the lore. So we would have the corrupted Mage/Warlock( if thats possible heh) Which leads me to think that it is an accident that they are bringing back the Kel'Thuzad story line at the very beginning of Lich. Apart from all that, I think that it would be pretty cool in my opinion to have another clothy type class anyway.

    Of course then we would have the corrupted Hero Warrior/Paladin etc... being the Death Knight so i guess what I'm saying here in the end is that if they are both released at the same time then it would make much more sense than for us to see it later on...

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    a Necromancer is someone Who is Based on Death And the Twisted Things of Undeath, Rot and Chaos Which i don't doubt people would just say ''Hey that's the Warlock right?'' but not it's not to be honest a Warlock is Someone who has been tainted by Demonic Arcane and Warlock consider Rituals and Curses and Demonic Minions to be Art but a Necromancer is a whole other Story. In the Lore of Warcraft the Necromancer has always been someone who studies Death and A life after it (Being Undead in other words) and They are most often considered as someone who can Command an Army of Undead's such as Skeleton's, Zombies and Maby things like Abominations and Dead insects. Also those who played Warcraft III Problaby remember ''The Lich'' which was an Hero for Undead he is a bit of a what a Necromancer might look like even tho he was someone who used Ice to defeat his foe's Among his Death and Decay spell. A Necromancer class for WoW...personally i would think of it as an Ideal class for the Game someone who could have Talents based on, ''Summoning,Life Force Consumption,Rot'' summoning would be yes well in it's purest meaning, Summoning Dead Creatures that would fit the Necromancer and a bit like Supporting minions,Attacking minions,Defending minions. Life Force consumption would be a bit like a Shadow priest but with other Attacks such as trading his own Life Energy to Heal someone else or Draining the Life Energy of an Enemy or even a Soul Consuming Attack and Eat a corpses Soul and eventually Devour it for his own Need which would make him a bit of a Healing Class that would not Neccasarily need water and food to Regen himself thereby instead of wasting time to drink and then heal up he could just feed on a corpse and then heal/buff the other Members of the Party/raid. Rot would be similiar to a warlock's Affliction specc it would be something connected to Diseases and Poisons and Bones as many people comment here and would be something that the Necromancer could use to aid his Minions such as maybe Enchant a Skeleton Warrior that would have an Axe or Sword with Poison or Disease so when he would hit a mob or Player it would be inflicted with it this is kinda stolen from rogue's :P or it could also work as a good talent setup for damage overtime like the curses Warlock's have. This is most of What i would think of a Necromancer i guess And Also Maybe adding something new to Necromancers Something Fresh =D (tho they like it dead :P ) but this is my comment Hope it Will increase your Intelligence as this is something that took me some time to write and think about clearly :D Disturbedone Out!

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    Necromancers are a nuetral evil that garner their powers from death. Shadow magic and Demonic fel magic are not the same as Necromancy. Necromancy(undeath or unnatural life) is the true opposite to druidism or natural Life magic. Everything that undeath touches becomes twisted and mishapen. rott and decay either physically, mentally, spiritually or any combination of these domains are in the Grimour of the necromancer. Ressurection is in the form of Corpse Reanimation.

    A necromancer can be integrated into WoW lore quite easily. The possibilities are endless for a necromancer. I feel that necromancers could become an unorthodox healer class they use the life force of themselves or others(both friend and foe) to conjure or cast their spells which either heal allies or destroy opponents.

    I feel Necromancers would be a good leather wearing class and could also bring in the skinning of humanoids.

    The possibilities for this class are just out there

    Doesnt anyone feel that the game itself could use some more learnable weapon classifications. I mean polearms and staves do have examples of the scythe but they do not do the weapon the justice it deserves.

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    Isn't a Necromancer suppose to be poison-based?

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    I personally think that another shadow class, along with the death knight would be a little to much. i think that they should introduce either another melee class, or possibly a ranged/casting hybrid. but i think that, along with the death knight, warlock, and shadow preist, a necro would be overkill on the shadow side. why not work on some of the other elements of magic?

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    I don't know much behind Game lore.. or the Necro class in general. I think it might be cool for necro to be a summoner and dark shape shifting class. A clothie which could shift into different forms resembling the demonic. Perhaps have sacrifice spell's in which they sacrifice or manipulate their own soul or a Mob.. npc's or even a party member to become something else.. much like a hybrid class. But instead of being like a shaman or druid they concentrated on the demonic entities. They could either possess or shape shift into a Dps / caster / dps or grp buffing class. For example they could possess the soul of a near by Boar... enraging it into a Hell boar.. which would die in 2min ... OR they could change their own soul becoming a Doomguard them selves.... idk lol just some idea's

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    I played guild Wars for a year before switching to WoW. My favorite character was my Necromancer as a Minion Master. Which would be like the Necro from WC3 and if they let this new one for WoW keep Raise Dead. This would be an awesome class to play as.

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    In Lineage 2, before I join WoW, I was a necromancer, and I really liked it, for PVP, it was one of the most cool.

    When I join WoW, I looked around for a class that was close to my beloved necro, and it was a warlock, same nuke ability (shadow bolt), same damage distribution to pet (soul link), diferent pets for diferent ocasions, and the same imba drain life ability, plus some debuffs, nothing like the current DoTs, cause necro didnt had that, but still, very close, and also Dark themed.

    I would be very pleased to have a necromancer in the game, to my idea, it would be just like a mage, but from the darkesses, with pure nuke and hold abilities, aswell as diferent pets or summons to help you.

    As of now, what I want from the game is char even more complex, ppl say warlocks and shammies are complex, but i would love to have an even more complex char, one with much more abilities and hard to play well, but really rewarding once you master it, yet, complex enough so that each time I play it , it doesnt feel the same char, much like a warlock (and yes, I switch tree every month)

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    welll alls im sayin is with Death Knights comin out and the already powerful Warlock, u couldnt rlly add necromancers. maybe at 78 or 80 warlocks can go on a quest to learn "Raise Dead", were they learn how to summon 3 skelies that last for 2 mins.

    But with that said, Death Knights r using runes to summon their own monsters like ghouls and stuff. So they r kinda both hard to seperate.

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    agreed, lore wise necros and locks are not the same, although if they were playable their playability would be very similiar imo, personally i want a D2 type necro, go solo mc with 30 skellis and a golem followin me ^.^

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    One thing that I have always thought would be cool for a Necro spell is a sort of temp reanimation spell. The spell would be a battle rez spell (ala Druid) except for the fact that the raised party members only have a little bit of time to fight before the spell wears off and they drop dead again. Later, end game, variations of the spell may include a mass battle rez which is also temporary. Obviously the raised players would have a debuff to keep from the spell being spammed.

    I also don't think they are considering it as a Hero class, but a full fledged lvl 1-XX class. And If done right it would server more as a dark Paladin rather than a Lock. Necros deal their hand in life/death whereas Locks are into Demonology/curses (pain and suffering rather than full on death). There is a lot of potential for Necros in WoW, I feel that my spell idea is an example of that. It wouldn't be Shadow Magic necessarily...more along the lines of Dark Magic. And they should have a sort of pet system, but not static pets. They should be able to reanimate dead enemies to fight for them.

    I also think that it is a class that is a battle caster (ala Shaman).

    What do you guys think??

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    I have played ever class in the game, but I have always wanted to play a Necro. I disagree with Necros and Warlock being so close as to being the samething. That is like saying Warlock and Hunters are the same because they both have pets. Warlocks are considered evil cause they have traded their souls to Demonic powers for power of their own. Locks Deal with corruption and turning things evil. Necro have traded nothing, they call other souls to them and take domion over them. Necros dont care if you are good bad or inbetween... they only care if you are dead or soon to be dead. I think necro pets should be more diposible than the Hunter or Lock pets, but in contrast easier to call back into a fight. I always thought of Necros as being somewhere between a shadow preist and a lock. Anyways that is my views on it

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    I came from City of Heroes and City of Villains and was then hooked into WoW, and my main in CoV is a necromancer. This necromancer's main spells are variious pet summoning spells, very similar to WoW's warlock class. But they also had 'Training ' spells that taught their pets new spells, such as a parasitic life drain spell and ranged shadow spells. The CoV necromancer also possessed several buffs for their pets, and depending on their build, could also heal and rez their pets. My necrmancer build was necromancy mixed with poisons, which were mostly debuffs on the enemy, tho there were also a healing as well as a rez,poison for allies. I think it would be interesting to see a similar such charcter class for WoW, especially considering my obssession with pet classes. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter.

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