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AddOn Studio Released

Dan Fernandez, a developer at Microsoft has announced the release of a World of Warcraft addon IDE based off of Microsoft Visual Studio.

It features

  • Visual Design Surface for visually designing your controls in World of Warcraft in a drag and drop manner.
  • Lua code editor with syntax hi-lighting and code completion.
  • Intellisense for FrameXML.
  • Automatically generates TOC files.
  • Auto generated event LUA event handlers.
  • Automatic deployment while developing
  • ACE2 addon development wizards

All in all really neat stuff. I personally love Visual Studio. A demonstration video is available here

var FO_13 = { movie:"", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=" }; $("#flvplayer_13").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_13, "flvplayer_13"); $(this).unbind('click'); });

Read Dan's blog and send some feature suggestions


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  • #1

    Im having the same problems as grimmeld

  • #2

    First things first: I already had Visual Studio.Net 2005 on my computer.

    I have installed the complete package and opened the addon studio. The first run gave me problems on the enviroment settings. The import fixed it although import and export also gave problems (i have the addon studio installed on another drive, is that problematic?) and still it keeps asking for the enviroment settings.

    When i try to save a project it states: "Operation could not be completed. No such interface supported"

    Also, only the tutorials, and additional documentation (referring to the main page of WowAce or WowWiki, which has no info about Addon Studio) are avaliably in the help menu, is that normal?

    Further more, chaninging the XML code does not automatically change the addon when looking at it visually. And is it just me or does changing an object's properties not always work quite perfect (visually)? The toc file gets no updates when the properties of the addon are changed, and changing the name of the addon results not in the change of the eventual name of build result (not the files that are already built, but the files that come after the build). Are all this paragraph's problems the cause of not being able to save the project on my behalf or do more people experience this?

    I love this concept and i hope these problems will soon be fixed.

  • #3

    Shota, you don't have to d/l that stuff seperately. The program comes with the VS 2008 shell files, and will install them if you don't already have them. If you don't have the .Net 3.5 stuff, it will ask you if you want to d/l them, and will take you to the necessary site. All in all, I like this IDE, but it is still a bit limited in what you can do (the visual layout stuff that is).

  • #4

    I found that all the required applications were included and installed. Perhaps this is because I did not have any other versions of Visual Studio already installed.

    I went thru the included tutorial and was able to create the MyFirstAddon is instructs. After resolving so problems.

    1) It uses self. WoW complained that this should be self:
    2) The example mod looks for target change event and changes a text label on a form to "Hello, targetname" but it doesn' account for nil, so if your target changes from something to nothing an error occurs.

    Errors in Tutorials in my case encourages learning, but it might put some people off.


  • #5

    Wharep: I had the exact same problem, and asked on and did get this tip:

    I was stuck at this problem aswell, the problem to solve this is:
    DO NOT START Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
    Instead, start: Addon Studio for World of Warcraft

  • #6

    You'd think the author would make mention of what's necessary in order to use the program - and where to get it.

    Netframework 3.5's source is obvious enough - just run Microsoft Update manually, and select "Custom
    " to ensure you're given the option of downloading it.

    Virtual Studio 2008 shell... I SUPPOSE it's somewhere on MS's site, but I rarely have any luck searching their site (I usually have to Google what I'm looking for). I presume it's a free runtime only program.

  • #7

    I cant seem to get the Intellisense to work properly. Anyone know why?

    (Im running an old version of Visual studio tho. Trying a newer version now.)

  • #8

    Using Halo 2 as an example for a game that needs Vista to run is sort of counterproductive. It runs fine on XP with like two minor tweaks, but I boycotted the game for "requiring" Vista.

  • #9

    Hmm, I can't even get started.
    I download the program from their site and isntall it - I have installed .Net 3.5 etc as well.

    Now, when I run the program is says "Invalid License data. Reinstall is required" - and I keep getting this message, no matter how many times I reinstall...

  • #10

    EDIT: I fixed this by uninstalling VB, C++, and C# off of my system, and scanning with Registry Mechanic fixing any errors. Restarting, and then trying the install again. This is a very cool program after you get it to work.

    I can't get this to setup at all. I go thru the normal setup. Launch into it.
    Anytime I try to open anything from the menu, or load a new project I get the error:

    Could not load type 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.IOleMenuCommand' from assembly
    'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.8.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'.

  • #11

    I dont see the problem

    1. Create a new Project, the same name as your addon.

    2. Move all your old project files into the project souce folder.

    3. Project->Add Exisitng Item(s)

  • #12

    Hi All,

    Un fortunately it does not run on a mac directly, but if you have the new intel macs and can run WoW on mac leopard and Windows, then you can make use of the addons. Personally even thou the above is so cool, the benefit of using the above add ons is not big enough yet, to stop me running majority of my gamplay in leopard.

    I found the leopard platform far more stable then Windows XP (not using vista until, Microsoft get it right).

  • #13

    If it's made by microsoft then the chances it will ever run on a mac or ubuntu platform are very very small. Remember halo 2 for PC NEEDS windows vista to run?

  • #14

    It downloads and installs .NET Framework 3.5 and the Visual Studio 2008 shell. So yea, you gotta have Windows :-)

  • #15

    You can create an empty project, right click the project in Solution Explorer and click Add Existing Items... to bring in existing files. Bringing in a folder structure is not that simple though :(

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