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Season 3 Update

Just a quick warning to everyone; this was announced last night by Tyren on the official forums. If you haven't logged in yet, there's a change to Season 3 Weapons and Shoulder items that went into effect today.

Tyren wrote:

Please be aware that with this week’s maintenance, purchasing arena season 3 items that have a required arena personal rating will now also require the purchaser’s arena team rating to be at the same point values as well.

Unfortunately, this will not be properly displayed within the game; the in-game display will be fixed soon in an upcoming patch.

So what does this mean for players? Quite simply, weapons and shoulder slot items will now require a team rating exactly the same as the personal rating required previously. This change will be in effect as of today's maintenance, which is quite unfortunate considering the limited warning given to players. While it's not displayed in the item tooltip yet due to the requirement of a client-side patch, the code is active server-side, which means you'll need the team rating to purchase the items as well.

What are your thoughts on this change?


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  • #1

    It doesn't make a difference. People are still using alts to trash a 2v2 rating then putting their mains on the team decked out in S2 gear and steamrolling over low rated teams.

  • #2

    what a waste of time and effort.

    This person does not understand the game and this clarification of the rating system is very good thing. I suggest you read something 10 times, calm down and not be so emotional with your ranting.

    By the way paragraphs would help us to read what you wrote..:-)

  • #3

    That rant was the F4<k1/\/g stupidest thing i've ever seen

  • #4

    Actually the reason you can't get into runs is really quite simple:

    You're annoying.

    That's all :)


  • #5

    Well this change is done to prevent cheating.
    Since the release of S3 ppl with good gear have been using alts to play bad in the arena to drag the team rating down to a minimum. Then they relog mains and start gaining personal rating (since its calculated only of personal games) up to 1850 or 2000.

    All in all its a good change and will prolly work as intended from now on.

  • #6

    Do people not realize that when you rant in a gigantic, un-educated paragraph that noone will read it?

    Anyway, this is fine to me, limit all the stuff that has been happening (like ypolt with the trading). I however still wish each piece was rating required, just for the sake of it being an actual reward, instead of like your allowance, something you always get at the end of week, usually regardless of how hard you actually worked.

  • #7

    first off, dont diss blizzard, stop playing wow if you dislike them, second, these are welfare epics, s1 is >BETTER< than most kara gear, S2 i forgot what it matches and S3 is BT gear, play to have FUN, no to get awesome gear, guilds are progressing into BT and having trouble while you are here doing 10 games a week getting equipment equivalent gear for not much at all.
    (ps i like arena, not trying to dis it, just proving a point to this noob)

  • #8

    Wow, somebody isn't happy.

    I actually spent the time to read your rant and I must disagree with pretty much all of it. Here's why:

    I have seen teams in all S1 beat teams in all S2 gear. Sure, gear really helps, but it's not the most important part of PVP.

    "...when we put all this time and effort to do all the pvp in the first place that u only get like about 200-500 honor a game of av or less..."
    Well, I can easily get 700 - 1k honor in a single AV. I have even made over 800 honor in a single AB. Here's the catch, I'm just a healer. I am a holy paladin in early Kara gear and I mainly do nothing but heal in BG's.

    "...also on kara and such melee dps is getting screwed (rogues in particular) cause u guys are making rogues more a darned support dps unless they are..."
    My guild has a rogue that is pretty much a noob, but we love him anyways. He is in mostly blues and does indeed join us in Kara. His DPS may not top the charts but it's enough that we could't really do without him.

    "...since normal instances arent really done as much as they once were when they first came out and now hardly any one goes..."
    There are quite a bit more people going now because of dailies, though the dailies are really only for lvl 70 instances. Tell you what, if you ever happen to be on my server and need a healer for some outland instances, I'll be happy to help you.

    Well, I guess there is one thing I can agree with you on...

    Next time you want to rant, try adding a little more grammar and a little less CAPSLOCK. People will take you more seriously then.

  • #9

    Actually all it is a one giant long run on rant. There are some salient points but mostly it's one guy freaking out and venting. Don't give this rant too much respect. The basic reality follows though, players with an average to low Arena team will never see the shoulders or weapons for the current Arena season. I fall into that category but I understand the distinction and it's not worrying me because I won't be facing teams with that gear. I will be facing teams in my bracket who will be without those particular items and if they have uber gear from ZA or BT then there is something going on if they are on a 1500-1800 ranked team. That translates to me as them not having stellar pvp skill.

    Also I don't know what Realm he is on but everything he is complaining about with Heroics and Instancing is not true for me. We have Rogues in our groups all the time in Regular and Heroic Instances. Kara also. If you wipe 4 or 5 times in a Heroic consistently then all I can say is hookup with better people. I can sit and do 5 Heroics a day if I want and not feel much pain while doing it. I run with a few people and we know how to work with each other. We pug healer, dps and such for sure, but for the most part it all goes well. Sure there are wipefests and times that the run has to be abandoned but for me... 90% of the time its an easy run.

    And we all work our ass off to get gear. That line in his rant just pisses me off. What do you think? This crap just falls out of the sky?

    FYI, I have a 70 Elemental Shaman - Xenorahl and a 70 BM Hunter - Finrahl on Cenarion Circle.

  • #10


    Funny thing is, its actually four sentences. I was wrong, I have seen longer ones now. The punctuation was completely irrelevant and could easily have been removed without anyone noticing, heck, I didnt notice they were there on the first readthrough. I guess its hard to be coherent when youre frothing at the mouth from unjustified rage.

  • #11

    Yea, kara and ZA are REAL high end content..

  • #12

    I saw caps in the second line. I stopped even trying to read it- a shame, as I'm sure it's a well thought out, carefully argued point of view.

  • #13

    Sounds like a decent enough way to limit the effects of win trading.

  • #14

    That is THE longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

  • #15

    if this is whats going to happen to season 2 gear why the hell did u make season 3 gear damn u pple in blizz u guys never seem to amaze any one. since basically the best teams DONT COME DOWN TO SKILL IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE GEAR THEY GOT AND MOST OF THE GOOD TEAMS ARE WEARING STUFF FROM KARA BLACK TEMPLE ZULAMAN AND THE OTHER HIGH END GAME STUFF us pple who cant get the gear through instancing mostly cause of an overabundance of certain classes that most guilds dont want new ones of those in there guild and are looking for only certain classes this time of season of wow that it drives mostly the dps classes have to do nothing but pvp in order to get the gear that will help them defeat other pvpers who use gear that are overpowered than the gear you can get through pvp wise that it basically demoralises some of us into not wanting to play world of warcraft no more and what the hell are you guys thinking of changing things like this when we put all this time and effort to do all the pvp in the first place that u only get like about 200-500 honor a game of av or less depending on what goes on in the darned game. also on kara and such melee dps is getting screwed (rogues in particular) cause u guys are making rogues more a darned support dps unless they are HEAVILY geared we are at times more gear dependant than most classes out there in order to just go into kara. and so you see more shadow priests and hunters and cat druids going into a dps slot in kara than a rogue does unless they work there ass off to get gear. BUT ITS GETTING HARDER AND HARDER FOR A ROGUE TO GET INTO A GROUP AS A DPS SLOT IN ANY HEROIC OR NORMAL since normal instances arent really done as much as they once were when they first came out and now hardly any one goes cause u cant find a healer of the level range cause they all went dps way to lvl to 70 and then when they hit 70 they grew sooo accustomed to be a dps that they say im not going holy and make shamans go resto and druids at times to go resto just to fill healing spots and tanks are even harder to find since most warriors dont have that great a time at groups since most pugs whipe like 3-4 times an instance depending on how the group does and that repair bill FOR PLATE IS REDICULOUS and we cant get our gold back from the repair bill back as swiftly as some dps classes can unless we go gathering professions but most of us like to go blacksmithing or engineering for those 2-3 items that we wanna make to use.

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