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Van Damme Pimps WoW

It's official. Hollywood action superstar, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is a mage.

In the latest spout of World of Warcraft "What's your game?" adverts, Van Damme has done one in his native tounge.

His name is Jean-Claude Van Damme, and he... is a mage.

“My name is Jean-Claude Van Damme… and I am a mage.”

“Hand-to-hand combat for me: it's over!”

“Now I can cast powerful spells!”

“Just try messing with me… I’ll turn you into a sheep.”

“A sheep!”

“…Because we all are a bit like sheep, you know...”

“I am Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am a mage.

“And you?”

"What’s your game?"


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  • #1

    Wait a minute...these celebs are advertising for wow cuz they actually play the game? I thought it was all just for a commercial. If that's true that's actually pretty damn cool thinking somewhere Shatner's laying the smack down on some Alliance player somewhere. LOL

  • #2

    LMAO... nice ;)

  • #3

    Here's the "official Chuck Norris facts" site^^ Enjoy!

  • #4

    Yes, actually the European division of Blizzard is located in France, so it's just as likely for them to use French as English in the commercials^^

  • #5

    OMG, I'm living on the same planet as all the suuperstars in t3h w0rld w00t!!!!!111oneon Ain't I special? ;-)

  • #6

    I would agree that it's tired and old. But then again, that hasn't stopped anyone in the Barrens...

    I'm willing to bet that Chuck would do a commercial. He's already done one for Mountain Dew, playing off the Fact Generator buzz. And one of his endorsement spots for Mike Huckabee has played off it too. I'm certain he'd be game for it.

  • #7

    For those who see the comments on that site and ask why French . . the troll accent in WoW typically comes from a re-working of the cajun, or creole style accent. The root of that accent comes from a French accent. IMO-it's perfect for Jean Claude to do one in French (commercial is for France after all) and for it to be a troll. NOw the mage part? That's arguable but it seems to poke fun and dropping melee (martial arts) for spells.

  • #8

    Actually, I think Jackie Chan should get the troll rogue advert. That would be funny. My husband suggested that -if- Chuck Norris were to get an advert for WoW, it should be along the lines of "My name is Chuck Norris and I -am- Barren's Chat"

  • #9

    Besides that, all of the celebs they are getting to do these adverts actually play WoW and somehow I doubt that Chuck Norris plays WoW. However, there are rumors floating that Dave Chappelle will be in one in 08.

  • #10

    I don't think you quite understand how the whole Chuck Norris thing occurred. It had nothing to do with Blizzard Entertainment or anyone affiliated with World of Warcraft... it was a byproduct of a seperate internet phenomenon.

    It all started with the Vin Diesel Fact Generator. Someone, somewhere stole the idea and started replacing Vin Diesel facts with Chuck Norris facts and pretty quickly, Chuck Norris facts became the more popular of the two. At around the same time, World of Warcraft was released and started to become massively popular and as such, the popular Chuck Norris facts became associated with World of Warcraft indirectly. There has never been any official "Chuck Norris + WoW" comments from Blizzard aside from a few jokes here and there.

    In short, It was an entirely player driven affair that Blizzard had no official dealings with.

    In my opinion, Blizzard won't make a Chuck Norris advert any time soon. Chuck Norris facts have become tired and old. I still think it is a little ott for you to say you'd quit over an advert that you don't have to watch and really doesn't effect your gameplay experience.

  • #11

    Now now, don't start being picky.

    Actually he from our wonderful capital Brussels, Belgium.

    Something we (flemish & francophone) should be more proud of :)

  • #12

    If "Chuck Noris" even gets a spot in these adverts i quit im sick of the refence of chuck norris and this game they can pick a much better than a washed up has been

  • #13

    JC isnt french, he speaks frensh because he's from Wallonië Belgium :p

    (nothing to be proud of to be able to say jc is a fellow countryman :s )

  • #14

    i didnt mind it being French as Jean-Claude is French however he should have been a rogue, o well maybe Chuck Norris will get the rogue spot.


  • #15

    Well this is ment for the French because Blizzard Is trying market the game Internationally not just America but other country's with this game.

    It be great if Chuck Noris made one for World of Warcraft that would make everyone in the hord side shut the hell up in the Barrans about Chuck Noris.

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