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WoW Saves Boys Life.

World of Warcraft Saves a 12 year old boy from an angry moose

The boy Hans Joergen Olsen were outside walking in the woods with his 10 year old sister when suddenly an angry moose attacked them.

- "My sister ran away, but I tried to scare the moose. When I noticed the moose wasn't stopping I started to run also. The moose chased me and after a while I had no strength left to run." says the boy to the Norwegian newspaper Avisen.

The moose head butted him in the back, but the impact was absorbed by his backpack. When he fell to the ground he did a trick he usually does on "World of Warcraft."

- "When you get to level 30 you learn the skill "Feign Death", so that is what I did, and after a little while the moose walked away" says Hans to the newspaper.


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  • #1

    No, they're just undernerfed :D

  • #2

    Actually the point of feign death in PvP is to make anyone targetting you lose the lock and have to re-click on you. It's damned annoying when casts fail because the targetting system lost the target. It may be just a few seconds but it's worth a fair bit givent the pace of PvP.

  • #3

    and for mine:-)))

  • #4

    Hunters, all you need is your pet, send them in, scatter shot and then feign death!

  • #5

    He probably tried to Misdirect shot the moose onto his sister and it got resisted.

  • #6

    lol at the fact that WoW tought someone something thats so obvious.

  • #7

    I actually have read the beginning to the movie. That movie and SPACEBALLS (the movie) are my two favorite movies. And you sir, are retarded. I hate the fact you made me question myself. However, to make sure I had not mistaken my favorite movie, I used the internets.
    First, caps don’t make you smarter. Good luck with that.
    Second, before you act like you know it all you should learn how Google works...
    -First type into your address bar, go ahead, we'll wait.
    -Now type, "Monty Python's holy grail credits" into the search bar...
    -Look just a few hits down (the second hit for me), you should see the credits transcript.
    -Now compare to this story...
    I failed to find anywhere in this story where the sister carved her initials into a moose. Also, nowhere in the credits is there a moose chase...
    The only similarity is the fact the story has a moose in it, that’s it.
    So, it is you who sucks for not knowing Monty Python.

  • #8

    I agree the day Blizzard made a class you can use in real life they crossed the line! :P

    I want to be able to use my priest's powers too!! This is totally unfair. Hehe

  • #9

    HAS ANYONE EVER READ THE FUCKING BEGINNING OF MONTY PYTHON'S THE HOLY GRAIL?!?! This story is a fucking lie! You guys SUCK for not knowing your Monty Python.

  • #10

    lmao thats fantastic

  • #11

    if feign death was resisted, little norweigen boy woulda had one hell of a repair bill.

  • #12

    Lol. I never knew WoW was so... protective. and JewDew if your hunter has 50% health, adn then the suddenly die. dont leave them, and right click the corpse. feign death doesnt work in pvp too well

  • #13

    YES! LOL this is awesome!!! WoW needs this kinda attention!!

  • #14

    Thank you for the laugh! <3

  • #15

    As said so many times before: NERF hunters - they are overpowered !

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