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Blizzard Wants Your Feedback

They really do! For the longest time we've seen players suggest that Blizzard ignores the playerbase when balancing classes or making changes, but today's forum activity by the Blizzard Community Managers suggests otherwise.

Blizzard wants feedback regarding the classes you play for Wrath of the Lich King. If you'd like to submit feedback for your class, be sure to do so fast -- the threads will be locked once there is deemed to be enough feedback gathered, and also make sure to pay attention to the rules of submitting feedback:

Eyonix wrote:

We're currently gathering class feedback from players for Wrath of the Lich King concerning thoughts on the areas of each class that is perceived to be most in need of improvement. This thread is not intended for discussion purposes and we ask that you please review the below format before presenting your feedback. It's very important for us to be able to review all provided feedback and as a result, not following the required format will very likely result in your post being removed.

Threads have been created on both the North American and European forums, so regardless of where your account is set up, you'll be able to voice your opinion!

For North American players, click through on the following links:

And for European players, you can visit any of the following links:

Get in there fast -- the threads are filling up quickly. The Rogue thread, for example, is up to 10 pages already as of this news posting.


  • #1

    I know that this is the case.

    However, my point is, given the woeful latency we experience here in Australia and coupled with the difficultry of playing with people in different timezones, the feedback that needs to get to Blizz is this:

    When can the Oceania region expect to get its own dedicated servers?

  • #2

    I'm fairly certain Oceanic players fall under "North American" players. North America is the service area where Oceanic players mostly play, after all.

  • #3

    There is a email address for when a GM or CM does not in your opinion do his (or her) job. At Blizzard this is called the black hole as any emails that enter disappear forever. Since nothing posted at each of the links will be new the only use for said-same is placation of the masses and hype of the next expansion. I would love if Blizzard actually listened but with current management really have my doubts. Notice blizzard put this up late in the week so the office could go home for the weekend and comeback to a maxed out thread.

  • #4

    Oceanic fans can.....?

    Nice to see due attention being given to those of us who also support the concept (not)!

  • #5

    My God, Priests are providing feedback without it becoming an all out whine-fest! Apocalypse approaches?

    Seriously, I appreciate the effort Blizz is putting forward, but I shall remain skeptical till I see results.

  • #6

    north American shamans page when i got in quick and posted i was #170 and the rest were very similar with over lapping ideas.

    Looking froward to see the out come if this and if my idea of a "throw totem" ability get up

  • #7

    It's good to know that they're making a real effort to listen to what the community thinks.

    I haven't read the other threads yet, but the North American mage thread had a lot of good points in it. Hopefully they'll all be taken into consideration.

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