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XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition

There's already been a bit of news about this on other sites -- mostly the announcement of the secret project and some cool wallpapers -- but today Dell officially unleashed a beast of a gaming notebook tailored to World of Warcraft players.

The notebook is only available in 17" form and comes complete with a World of Warcraft backpack to carry it in. On the back of the LCD screen you'll find special Dell and World of Warcraft engraving, as well as a speaker marked with your choice of Honor badges -- either Alliance or Horde.

You'll also be able to track your stats with the world's first built-in Logitech GamePanel LCD to be found on a notebook, and ultimately have the opportunity to get a custom FigurePrint of your in-game World of Warcraft character with your actual armor and weapons.

It also comes with both World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade pre-loaded and fully patched to the current World of Warcraft patch, so no installing or patching needed -- take it out of the box and go to town. On top of all that, there is also a Beta Club Key Card that will grant access to future WoW betas, Collector's Edition upgrades for both the original game and The Burning Crusade, and a whole slew of memorabilia.

System specs for the notebook are as follows:

  • 17inch UltraSharp TrueLife Wide-screen WUXGA
  • 512MB Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® 8700M GT with NVIDIA® SLI®
  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7500 (2.2GHz/800Mhz FSB, 4MB Cache)
  • Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Edition
  • 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
  • Speed: 160GB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
  • CD / DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW Drive)
  • Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 a/g Mini Card
  • High Definition Audio 2.0
  • Logitech® GamePanel Display
  • AGEIA™ PhysX™ Physics Accelerator
  • And more...

You can of course configure it like you want it, so if you're interested in getting hold of one of these cool new notebooks, head over to the Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition page on Dell's website.


  • #1

    Sadly enough, at that price.....


    and be done with it....

    Notebook/Laptops are NOT built for the hours and hours you may spend playing a game such as WoW. They are built for 2-3 hours at the most, yet a single nights raid may last up to 8 hours depending on your guilds activities..

  • #2

    yeah the look, beta access, and collector's upgrades (darn it I want the pets) are about all that would attract me. My laptop is nearly as nice minus those things for farfar cheaper (and was bought on a tax-free weekend. go me). They're just trying to bank on the WoW name and it's sad.

  • #3

    I can agree the cost is a bit pricey right now; I really wish it would have contained the newer 8800 mobile GPUs baseline instead, but I suppose Dell may upgrade it to the 8800 once those are widely available.

  • #4

    Not a huge fan of Vista myself, but I'll get it after a service pack or 2...

    As for the laptop, it's a good solid system. While the physics card isn't all too widely supported, I know of a few games that do use it and I would expect an increase in the near future as it is a great engine.

    I currently use last years equivalent to this laptop and I only have one concern. I guarantee this thing will get HOT! I burnt out 1 video card on mine before I found out that you really can't run it without excellent ventilation. Several of my collegues who have the same system as me have had the exact same issue, these things just like cooking...

    I would still buy one however. The case is pretty sick with the Horde/Alliance badges and the slick lighting. Still a solid system with great potential. Just be sure to keep it cool... Oh, and the $4,500 starting price is a bit high.... You can get the same system (minus the pretty case) for a few hundred dollars less...

  • #5

    It's a beatiful laptop... wish it was available where I live...

  • #6

    But world of warcraft doesn't support sli or physix wtf?

  • #7

    Pretty good looking, except it's overpriced and the physics card is too undersupported at the moment to be paying that kind of money for.

    As far as Vista and WoW go, WoW works like a charm on my desktop with Vista. I've never had any issues with WoW on Vista that I didn't have on XP, infact I've had less issues with WoW on Vista than I have had on XP

    People really need to give something a try before making the opinions of others their own.

  • #8

    For The WoW Addict on the go..

    And since when does WoW make use of AGEIA physics? Maybe with the Lich King release, there'll be some physics added to the game with the destructable buildings. Just that WoW should start updating the old world as well as the new. That way the new features won't get pigeon-holed to certain parts of the game.

    Well, for $4500, I would think that they'd max out the RAM to 3 or 4Gb. That way at least you'll have some security in the fact that your laptop won't have to upgrade for the next 3-4 years.

  • #9

    for all the 'goodies' added and its a XPS, supposedly Dell's top of the line laptop..

    I'm sorry.. I wouldn't pony up almost 5k for a laptop which, based on the specs, should only be a maybe $2k-2.5k system (other than the SLi 512 8700m GT's and the physics card..). the base system with 3GB pc6400, a 320-400 GB HD and a blu-ray burner might be worth that much..

    let's try customizing it a little more shall we??

    $375 more to up it to 4gigs of ram? add $100 more to go from a 160 to a 200 GB HD? $125 for a t7700, $400 for a t7800? $750 for a c2d extreme t7900? (note, all these chips are 800 FSB with 4MB cache) who on Azeroth does Dell think they're fooling? also, you only get 1 yr in-home service w/ parts and labor.. for the price they're asking, it should be minimum 2 yrs.

    Overall, I'd say this package is geared to the WoW player with a bottomless budget..

  • #10

    Been looking at getting a gaming laptop myself. Even though it's somewhat of an oxymoron. Kind of curious when the first affordable 8800M GT will be out.. Need an upgrade from my X1600 laptop I currently use for "gaming".

  • #11

    just been reading about it, love the Beta Club and a few other bits, any idea if it's coming to the UK/Europe? or if the USA Versions, Beta Club and upgrade code to the limited editions will work on EU Accounts? (i doubt it at current..) need a update when this is coming out for us EU Account Holders@!#~

  • #12

    Pity its $4500 ( £2200 ) But the specs on it seem pritty good. And Vista is ok for WoW, just not as good as XP ( yet ), The fact that they are still ironing out holes in vista, shouldnt be too long before it works perfectly. And if you dont want Vista, Simple install of XP home shouldnt take all that long, and sell the Vista disc + Serial on ebay for a few hundred.

  • #13

    Yeah, no XP option, end of story... :(

  • #14

    Comes pre-package with Vista. WoW and Vista hate each other. GG

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