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GameAmp Compromised

It seems that GameAmp has been compromised by someone adding password stealing software. Seems like there's always another story of someone trying to steal your World of Warcraft account. The question is, is your in game characters assets actually worth more than yours?

Trend Micro writes: "Online games have long been targeted by malware, mainly due to the thriving virtual economy underlying them. The daily exchange of virtual goods for real money between avid players can indeed spell profit for malware authors, and fan sites are the perfect portal for relaying these password-stealing malware."

Read the full report here


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    its like pouring gasoline on an open flame as some one once said ~ but that ironically falls under logic don't you think? any way i rest my case u will never fathom what i am saying because u are stubborn in your ways. news flash: so am i.

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    He is saying he does not understand your logic as you would bring up non trust for If you have been a member of curse for any number of time even a measly 1-3weeks you would be aware that they are always trying their hardest to keep us safe from hackers. if even it means making us aware of other website that would contain harmful information. With that said your logic falls on him.

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    People have been aware of it since diablo II that is my logic.

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    You shouldn't completely trust any site, especially not when they have files that are user contributed. We do put security measures in place but people will always find ways around it. Just don't run executables and everyone should be fine.

    Your logic kind of fails me though :) This is a fair warning and not a jab at anyone. Even TM thought it worthy of a notice.

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    Does this mean we can't trust ?? the 'avid site' for gaming on WoW with its cluster of add-ons?


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