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Inventory space, Badges of Justice and more

Another day of blue posts, another recap. There's some information about inventory space, keys that are worn items, and badges of justice contained within! Also, if you missed the Blizzard Insider: Utgarde Keep article, be sure to check it out - it has some great new info on the Wrath of the Lich King instance.

Inventory size improvements

Bornakk wrote:

There is a possibility of adding more space to characters in the future, but we have not finalized any decisions on this. I keep the items that mean the most to me on my characters, but I definitely don’t keep everything as there comes a time to move on.

Also with the implementation of Guild Banks in patch 2.3, this should help free up some space regarding the non-soulbound items.

Keys like Onyxia necklace and Zul'Farrak mallet and resist gear space usage

Bornakk wrote:

We are aware of some complaints regarding “keys” like the Zul’Farrak mallet and Onyxia Necklace-key. While there aren’t very many of these, it is still possible some of these may get changed in the future, we just have no announced plans to do so at this time.

For fights that require resist gear, we have improved the setup in The Burning Crusade so it doesn't require as many pieces, but we don't plan to remove them or make it so they take up no space right now.

Badges of Justice useless in Wrath of the Lich King?

Bornakk wrote:

It's just too early to say if Badges of Justice will be used in Wrath of the Lich King. We are just adding new ways to get them and new items to purchase in patch 2.3, we'll have to wait and see what happens beyond that.

Arcane Shot dispelling before doing damage is intended

Hortus wrote:

This is working correctly. Arcane shot should dispel before it deals damage.

And a video to cap the day off. Anyone enjoy twink PvP? Grizler does, so he created a short video of him PvPing on his level 49 warrior. Be sure to click through on the title to share your opinion on it by rating it!

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  • #1

    Yeah there were talks of it.

    "Outfitter / itemrack type addon interface implemented in the blizzard interface, and the ability to wear multiple pieces of armor in a diablo 2" type fashion to save you a lot of inventory space."

    but i do remember them talking bout that.

  • #2

    Didn't Blizzard talk about implementing their own ItemRack like built-in addon that had one key difference... it's on actual space rather than relying on a bag? The part from the keys and gear comment, "but we don't plan to remove them or make it so they take up no space right now", makes it sound like they're not doing that anymore or are simply forgetting about this.

    Can anyone clear this up if they remember better than I do?

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