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Played time drops 18% on Xfire released a story today about Xfire's report that World of Warcraft players are playing less.

The statistics, gathered using Xfire's application, reports that during the month of September, World of Warcraft players who use Xfire played 18% less than the previous month. This isn't the only other MMO hit by this decline in played time either; second-place Guild Wars dropped 13 percent, while third-place Silkroad Online fell a staggering 27 percent. is speculating that this isn't a "Doomb and Gloom" situation stirring; it's simply the facts of life. Summer is over and everyone is going back to college, which means less time to play. Statistics backing this up involve the top ten FPS games played on Xfire, which all dropped across the board.

One of the likely main reasons for the drop is the end of the summer holidays for schools and colleges across Europe and the US.

Other key MMO titles remained relatively static, with MapleStory, Flyff and Eve Online taking fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. Lord of the Rings Online remained in eighth place.

To read more, head over to the article.


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  • #1

    oh don't get me started... Rock Band is releasing on Black Friday. talk about insane. i work in a GameStop and it's really going to suck that day >.>

  • #2

    Don't forget Unreal Tournament 3; it's due out in November as well. Talk about a crazy fall schedule for game releases... so many huge action/shooters coming out all at once.

  • #3

    I'd say this is because there are alot of other games being released at the time;

    Halo 3 probably takes up alot of time for some, but biggest of all is the Orange Box containing Half Life 2 - Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. Next month, Crysis will be out, as well as Assassin's Creed.. I think these numbers might continue to drop until after new year.

  • #4

    Yeah, i have the problem where Xfire doesn't let some keys work in game, which is really aggravating. So i've had it off for quite a while now.

  • #5

    If by young you mean ~26 sure.

  • #6

    XFire always minimizes my games when it gets disconnected.

    Also, people have to go to school and college and do homework. So of course the time is going to drop quite a bit. Because most gamers are young.

  • #7

    It's probably down because Xfire is still causing certain keys and mouse buttons to not work in game. I have to shut down Xfire every time I start playing so that I can use all of my mouse buttons.

  • #8

    <quote>i can easily relate this to a business. my restaurant has its slowest months of Auguest and September. But now that october has come, business has picked up and we have waitlist almost constantly. Its just how the economy is.</quote>

    quite different here. Restaurants and caffes are booming here during the summer cause of tourism

  • #9

    yup, nothing new under the sun, we gamers app don't take that much holidays and just play more instead.

    sounds familiar, i always play like double of normal in every holiday.

  • #10

    Seriously, this isn't any news at all. It's always been like this. You could see playtime reducing 20 years ago after summer, too. And that was when people still played analog games like chess *giggles*

    Oh well, but back to the thing itself... does XFire really matter? I mean, XFire doesn't smell like a thing for Joe and Jane Average. And if I do look around that for people with a job, playtime is roughly the same all over the year, because summer won't give you more or less spare time.

    So I guess, the drop really only affects players that still go to school or students and not adults with a job.

  • #11

    Reduced server strain, why complain?


  • #12

    dont forget tf2 and quake wars

  • #13

    "the top ten FPS games played on Xfire, which all dropped across the board."

  • #14

    not really... considering this is for the month of September and Halo came out on sept 25. not quite enough to effect it that much.

    but it IS easy to figure out since the reason really is because of school. and people like me who never bother to open their xfire anymore...

  • #15

    This is easy... HALO 3

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