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2.3 Alterac Valley Changes

Nethaera just posted about upcoming changes to AV for patch 2.3 in the PvP forums. You can find the post here, or read further for the changes.

As a continuing part of our improvements, we will be implementing the following changes in the next patch.

Strategy can be an important element of any battleground. We want to emphasize this in Alterac Valley more and give players additional meaning to both defending and attacking. To push the strategic element of the battleground to the next level we have changed how players maintain their reinforcements or deprive the other team of theirs.

Each team will have a starting reinforcement count. Reinforcements can be lost in significant amounts if a tower is destroyed or if Captain Galvangar or Belinda Stonehearth is killed. For each team member death, an additional reinforcement will be lost. On the death of General Drekā€™Thar or Vanndar Stormpike, all reinforcements are lost and the team is defeated. At any point in time, if a team is reduced to zero reinforcements, the opposing team will win the battle. Defending your own teammates, towers, and key NPCs will be an important aspect of maintaining team resources and achieving victory in Alterac Valley.

Warmasters can be the boon or the bane of any team. They are an important element for the defense of your general or the defeat of the opposing general. Warlords and their general will be more closely linked in the next patch. Pulling one is a guarantee the other will come as well. Each team begins with four Warmasters. Destroying a tower will eliminate the associated Warmaster. Unlike the current game play, however, destroying the enemy tower will not add a Warmaster to your own side.

We will be changing the pace of the battle slightly with a reduction in the time needed to control a tower or graveyard. Where it currently takes five minutes to gain control, the time will be reduced to four minutes. The honor for capturing a tower will also be increased.

Graveyards can be an important resource for getting your teammates back into the battle more quickly. Currently, players can sometimes be sent to their starting tunnels far from the battlefront. This can often be an inconvenient location to respawn and more out of the way from the action than we would like, to correct this, players will instead respawn at a team-controlled graveyard. Should the team not have a graveyard under their control, they will respawn in the starting tunnel.

Players will only be awarded bonus honor during the battle for destroying enemy towers and slaying the enemy Captain. Once the battle is concluded, bonus honor will be awarded for intact towers, a surviving Captain, and for victory in battle. The bonus honor awarded should be similar to previous totals, but will reward players for taking more active roles in Alterac Valley toward defending or attacking key locations and NPCs.

Lastly, we are changing NPC interactions within Alterac Valley. We have reduced the number of elite NPCs in Stormpike and Frostwolf holds as well as sent all Commanders and Lieutenants out of Alterac Valley. They are currently in search of other battle opportunities. This should reduce the amount of NPCs that players will have to fight and place more focus on PvP combat over key locations on the map.

Strategy is the name of the game in Alterac Valley, and these changes will bring out the need for more teamwork and coordination from both the Horde and the Alliance as they vie for domination of this battleground.


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  • #1

    I wouldn't mind them fixing the positions of the different NPC's instead, or giving the Horde a huge ditch and just a bridge to cross to get into FW, followed by alot of NPC's that just chill near the entrance to the bunker where that stupid dwarf is. I would much rather see that implemented than just removing a few NPC's and making it so that you capture things quicker. Maybe put more NPC's into the FW base, near Drek'Thars entrance like in SP. Put a nice big bridge to FW base or just make the fence alot higher due to the fact that you can jump different areas of the bridge. Or even just make it so that when you pull Drek'thar or the dwarf guy, he pulls a bunch of the NPC's from around the base.

    That would make me happy.

  • #2

    Must say that less and less NPCs is a very wrong way to go if Blizzard wants to add more strategy to AV. As it is now, every game is a 15-minute "Rush FW!" (or SP) ...rush. More often than not, towers and objectives are ignored.

    And now we're to see even less NPCs? Well, Blizzard seems to think this will make people focus more on the PvP, but I think we all know, that the only thing people care about in AV these days, is to rush to the other side and win/lose as fast as possible, to get their precious marks and sign up for another one.

    I really miss the old AVs, where the gross amount of NPCs both forced you to think in strategy, and also provided enough time for riders, gryphins, Ivus and the icedude.

  • #3

    I hope so too - it was something they mentioned will be returning - so hopefully it'll be with 2.3. :)

  • #4

    Good job.

  • #5

    Heh, wouldn't that be nice? I've never understood how Horde always did so badly in AV considering they start halfway down the map and can glitch pull. Now that they can't glitch pull, they just have the advantage in starting positions. but oh well.

    AV still used to be my favorite BG when i was grinding honor and rep O.o

  • #6

    Lake "frozen something" (cant remember cba to look it up) seems to be what the people who miss the old AV want. Including me, i like the new one, but miss the gameplay in the old one. Unfortunately it seems like on low-horde/alliance (pick one) population servers, the fewer are going to get screwed.

  • #7

    i hope that join as group is going back too

  • #8


    They are reducing the number of NPCs and reduce the time it takes to cap a flag.

    They are at the same time not really requiring people to actually do any of the quests.

    I'm wondering why they think this is going to put the strategy back in AV?

    A far better solution would be that you needed to summon the riders and big at least once each to be able to get into the opponents base. This would force people to do the BG quests (at least the most important ones), and when people are already engaged in the strategic summoning quests, getting the wingcommanders for further aid doesn't seem that far off. The shredder is a bit harder since that required that you had the quest, went outside and bought the stuff in AH, and then got it in another BG. Was still fun to use it when you had it, though :D

  • #9

    I am very happy they are doing something with AV. This or or something has been need done for a long time.

  • #10

    I agree, I miss all the old options you had in the original... The Elite Shredder quest was awesome.

    I think they have pretty much ruined AV and took away what made it different from all the others.

    It is pretty much a bigger version of AB now.

    Maybe they will come out with a new 40/40 that is similar to what AV used to be.

  • #11

    although i think this is a cool upgrade for AV, i think it would still be better if they put it back the original way it had been when created, with tons and tons of NPCS and such all over, so people couldnt just do a Run fest to the other side, i loved it when battles ranged from 3-15 hours those were the good ones and good days of PvP

  • #12

    How about balancing the map?

  • #13

    "Warlords and their general will be more closely linked in the next patch. Pulling one is a guarantee the other will come as well."

    Thank goodness. It's about time they fixed that exploit. no more need to fear bomb... not that I pvp much anymore but i'm so very happy to see these changes.

  • #14

    This change should have been implemented ages ago. As for the AB comment, yes sort of, but its more of a Battlefield conquest map than anything. Now if they could just remap some of it.

  • #15

    Well, looks like a differant version of AB

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