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Chinese WoW Player Levels To 70 Within 24 Hours

Summary: The9 (Nasdaq: NCTY) opened expansion pack "The Burning Crusade" for World of Warcraft (WoW China) on September 6 at about 10:40 am. A player named "SilverDragon"(Hunter) in the seventh server started to level-up at 11:20 am September 6 and reached the maximum level 70 at 10:48 am September 7. The gamer created a new record for leveling up to level 70 (from 60) in WoW.

The previous world record is 28 hours by a French player, Gullerbone(Gawell) in the WoW Europe server,

Here is SilverDragon and his guild GreenBase



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  • #1

    Someone's bitten by the jealousy bug!

  • #2

    Hahahaha, Adonixwhat part about "first level 70 in China" did you not get? Did you read the part about "The Burning Crusade was released 10:40 the previous day" ? :-)

  • #3

    it doesn´t count the french was the first 70 so that means none 70 could help him this guy got help from his entire guild (probably all 70) and still only beat the french by 4 hours.

  • #4

    Goddamn loser..sickened me for a bit when i read it...

  • #5

    What does the nationality have to do with anything? Who cares?

  • #6

    Insightful comment...

    Lemme give some insight. Just because the other person is of another race, doesn't make EVERYONE racist who thinks, "Who cares". Further more, it's funny the response to the people who say, "Who cares", is "Well you are just jealous" Really? Do you think you are some sort of deep thinking person that thinks there is always something behind a message, that it's just their self-hatred that they couldn't do the same, and someone else could? NO.. People really don't care.

  • #7

    Get a life, no, not this guy either, all you racist idiots bashing him here. Oh noes, he leveled fast? doesn't make him any more a loser than people who come to Curse just to be jealously spiteful in the god damn News comments.

  • #8

    Tryin really hard to care...

  • #9

    Good for him I say. Just wish I had the patience to get any of my characters up there ^_^

  • #10

    Ok theres a new record big deal.....congrats you did something new. In a world dedicated to new and improved he just did it.

  • #11

    "he probably had enough gold to get the flying mount skill since lvl 40, he didnt explore any of the content he didnt even do all the work all he did was cheat Blizzard should ban his a$$"

    hahahhaha. That quote is priceless. "he didn't even do all the work" lol work is the best word in that! All of you who bash him for playing a game are incredible. I bet you bash the guy who is the fastest at beating Super Mario Bros. Wow is a game that is designed to be played a multitude of ways. And who cares about the content? He probably has multiple alts so that he can truly enjoy all the "content" the way you would like him too. And if you don't want to quest blizz says you don't have to quest, grinding is allowed, believe it or not.

  • #12

    gz on no gz

  • #13

    Here is the funny part. Most of you bash him saying "he has no life!" Leveling to 70 in 24 hours is one day, now compare that to the others that spent week or more doing it. One day dedicated to such a task is hardly a show of having no life. Go find more realistic goals of things to hate, like global warming or something worthwhile.

  • #14

    he probably had enough gold to get the flying mount skill since lvl 40, he didnt explore any of the content he didnt even do all the work all he did was cheat Blizzard should ban his a$$


  • #15

    grats to him.... now he has to wait for all the other people to get to 70 to be able to run instances, raids, group quests... etc......grats to him he has no life

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