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Student Writing Research Paper on MMORPG Additiction

A college student has posted a blog that will track his research into MMORPG addiction, specifically using World of Warcraft as his base. The paper is being written as a scholarly researched term paper. This is an interactive approach that has seen limited use. Visitors to the blog are encouraged to submit research sources and to write comments that may be used in the paper. Ironically, the author admits to being an avid player of WOW.

The author will be posting each assignment as it is due, including drafts. The final paper will be posted in December.

The blog can be found at


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    It looks like a little call for attention, personally.

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    i agree with pantlessman, this query merits the oversight of quality, empirical research. This should go beyond the mere superficial or emotional aspects of this highly subversive concern. What I would like to see is how this virtual world starts to cloud a person's willpower. There could be any number of beginnings or explanations that would count as a true etiological starting point. Let this student write his or her paper, however, he shouldn't be alone in bringing this national concern to light. Cummulatively, we should all try to voice some reason before we are all damned by the general public for having our own way of having fun. blessings to you all.

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    Well the paper is still in development. It's going to depend entirely on the point of view of the author. I'm thinking that it could still go either way. The possibility of the media grabbing a hold of this is only slightly possible. You really have to consider the source; this is a student research term paper. The likelyhood of the media taking this research seriously is quite low.

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    I think the responsibility falls to both of them. Yes the mother needs to have the courage to say no, get him help if he needs. But most people who play WoW can think for themselves as well. I used to play that much, I haven't in a long while but there are still lots who do and they need to tone it down a bit. I think blizz should tone down time requirements as well.

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    interesting. i think he needs to write a real paper however.

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    It's addictive in quality and fun, not chemical compulsion.

    People need to stop whining about these things and let people play in peace.

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    Either the blog won't respond or its overrun by the anxious curse pepulz..

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    No, that honestly provides me with some certainty thats its not written by some conservative bum who has nothing better to do than blame the faults of society on the latest trend.

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    It would be interesting to see what would happen in the US if one of the National News Shows ran with this story. Personally I could see many parents overreacting and calling for more restrictions on internet and computer games.

    However when I saw the video and the pain and frustration in the mother's face I could only think of one thing. The parental controls on the game. It is quite simple to limit the amount of game time that an underage player has.

    As for adults, it is their life they have in their hands. If they so wish to stay up all night and sacrifice time, real life for a fantasy world, then so be it. I just don't want to see this turned into another "Protect the Chilidren from themselves" move. Parents have a repsonsibility here.

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