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Upcoming leveling rate & Dustwallow Marsh changes!

Nethaera posted this morning about some upcoming changes to help speed up the leveling process for lower levels. Not only are they making leveling faster in general for lower levels, but they're also revamping Dustwallow Marsh to add some extra leveling content to the zone.

Nethaera wrote:

We have a few things in the works that are going to help out a bit. One of those things is that we are going to adjust the rate at which players can level. Another is that we are working on some changes for Dustwallow Marsh which should give players in that zone more to do and make leveling go quicker as well.

We'll reveal more of our plans as we get a bit closer toward actually implementing them. I just don't have a specific time table that I can give you as of yet.

She also posted in response to a comment about the Dustwallow Marsh changes.

Nethaera wrote:

Oh, I assure you, there is more than just a singular quest being added. Detailed quests, I couldn't give you.

Perhaps I know more. Perhaps I don't. What I know that I haven't said, I can't say. What I don't know, I can't tell you. Now you need to figure out which parts I know and which I don't as of yet. ;)


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    Hello, Ok than they may perform the leveling to get it more enjoyable ( but I think it's almost very good) or avoid that players get lost at one moment but not getting the level 60 faster. Think about all the players who worked hard to get their levvel 60. It was a special moment for them. It must be still an acomplishment to get level 60. This change will bring at short terme new players but at long terme Blizzard will lose players who played this game for months or a year. I hope they'll think about it again.

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    I can't wait. It's a fantastic change. The 1-60 game is just not as well put together as 60 to 70, or as well as 70 to 80 will be, and so getting to 60 faster means the more 'fun' part of the game can be enjoyed.

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    I think to help speed up the leveling process for lower levels is one of the worst ideas Blizzard ever had. Our Level 60 or 70 characters loses their worth, it won't be something special anymore to reach Level 60-70. If you think about it, all this is a way to sell more expansion packs. More Level 70 players means in the same time more eypansion packs sold next year. A lot of players hope that WoW will last at least as long as Ultima Online but if Blizz continues that way (only thinking on business) the story will end in 2 years. As far as I'm concerned, playing that game for 1 1/2 Year if they implement those changes I will look for other MMORPGS

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    Definitely. This is something EverQuest hasn't done yet, and it really shows because the early levels are incredibly unfriendly to new players, and catching up to everyone else is almost an endgame in itself, not even counting the actual raiding you'll have to do once you reach max level.

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    They really need to speed up leveling, if they except people to level themself from 1-80.

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    Hopefully patch 2.3. I'm really curious about the Dustwallow Marsh changes.

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    lol. Makes for more of an enjoyable read that way. I am kinda curious if these new things will be implemented with patch 2.3 or later.

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    wow... i might have to check out dustwallow... always skipped when leveling

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    I think that is fair. What people fail to understand is that us (as in the people who leveled to 60 first and waited for TBC to get to 70) had a fair game because we got to see content that others will not. I think it is only fair that they get their trek to 70 (or 80 as the case may be) faster so that they can see the content and more pre-expansion 3.

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    they sure are cheeky.

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