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15 years old kid trying to scam an account get owned.

Read the screenshoots in the right order.(take the time, it worth it.)




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  • #1

    That's funny! Although, I just got scammed myself =(((

  • #2

    Even if that was fake is funny as hell. An excellent reason why no one should ever buy/sell accounts (That and the fact that anyone who has to buy an account is noob who obviously can't play)

  • #3

    Even if it is fake, still was a good laugh :)

  • #4

    OMG that kid got F****ing pwned xD that kid set himself up for disaster with "this is my mums account" "i'm 15" etc... but that brightened up my day, thankyou curse and THANK YOU stupid 15 year old kids

  • #5

    HAHAHAH owned :P

  • #6

    LOL, funniest thing EVER, only thing missing in the chat was a big LEEROY JENKINS!!!!!

  • #7

    Nice to see justice done sometimes :]

  • #8

    This is a few months old. And if you trace it back to the source you'll learn its a fake, in which the poster was trying to pass off a virus to those interested as a program for finding peoples information. As funny as it was if this were true, it in itself was a scam.


  • #9

    10/10  :)) + you`re* going to HELL that was the cream:))

  • #10

    really hope that fucking kid got an ass whooping so bad he coulden sit for a week, hate idiots like that, that think they are all safe on the internet, yet when they face the fact they are not, they crawl together and cry like a little bitch.

  • #11

    Damn this is great, i really really hope his parents made him live in a tent in the frontlawn...

  • #12

    Funny. Hope he got a aswhooping from his dad.

  • #13

    Words can't explain :D.

    It's wonderful how certain people seem so bald and secure behind a virtual identity, but crawl when the (terrible) reality is shown to them.

  • #14

    "i got norton" LAWL

    Kid got owned hard. He deserved it.

  • #15

    norton? hahaha that isnt going to stop anything. and the kid was an idiot to do something like that. ip's get logged paypal keeps all records of everything and wow.. yea thats just pretty damn funny. wonder what actually happened

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