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Are A Lot of People Addicted To World of Warcraft?

Are you Really Addicted To World of Warcraft?

"I find all of this a bit strange. My wife is addicted to WOW. I dont know what to do. she plays with every free moment she has. Ever since BC came out she has been playing nonstop. My problem with it is all the time dedicated to playing. She spends more time with her online friends, which are all guys, than she does with me. I have also found that she has one of her online friends phone number and they are conversing out of the game.

I am at my wits end. I feel i should call this guy and let him know she is married and not on Wow to hook up but i am afraid of what the consequences of doing that will be. I am this close to filing for divorce. And when i do i will send blizzard and dell a thank you for ruining my marriage. without them (blizzard and dell) i think i would still have my wife."

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    I posted my story in a comment at but I thought I'd also post it here because of the topic.

    My wife divorced me because she got addicted to World of Warcraft. Although I hated the game, I played it with her just to be with her. She was across the country planning to move out to be with me, but also cheating on the side with her guild leader. It got more and more confusing over time, because at first she was just "depressed" and playing the game all the time, but it progressed to her dropping out of school, quitting her job, and not talking to anyone except me when I'd try to chat with her in the game. I figured out later that she'd been playing about 50 hours a week for 4 months straight. So finally I was completely baffled and called her (the first time I'd gotten through on her phone for several months) to ask if I could see her and she said "no because I'm going camping alone," right, and so I flew to her place anyway because I wanted to get to the bottom of the mess and she told me she wanted a divorce first thing when she got back from driving to see her guild leader 1600 miles away. Due to an unpaid phone bill, I found that she'd talked to the guy for 45 hours in a week. Months later, she isn't talking to anyone, not any of her relatives, not me, not anyone, and a friend tells me (I quit the game) that she's just playing Warcraft all the time with her guild leader.

    My school studies suffered as a result; I was severely depressed for several months because my wife who I had newly married and who I was willing to die for was just telling me to "shut up" and "leave her alone" all the time in the only place I could find her (Warcraft) and also telling me that she didn't want me to fly out to see her.

    My wife and I were as close as any two people can be. We'd known each other for 8 years, dated for 5 years, married for half a year. She changed so suddenly and so completely that to go through the process of grieving for her I now just tell myself that the old her is dead, because that's essentially what happened. There's a new person with her name and looks and financial troubles due to failing to pay all her bills from playing Warcraft too much, but that person lies, cheats, and deceives everyone; it isn't the person I married. If you have to play Warcraft to be with your significant other, then something is wrong. It doesn't matter who they were, or whether you had true love, or how close you were even a month ago. Force them to go to counseling or else leave them.

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    If that marriage breaks up, it's not because of WoW, but because this guy has no idea how to communicate.

    I also second the "plays together, stays together" route, my guild has many couples in it, and they absolutely love playing together. Gives them the ability to be together (both in game and out, since they often have PC's side by side on a table) and do something they really enjoy at the same time, which is not always easy to do.

    That said, people do get addicted to games. I have been myself (in fact I think I'm addicted to the games as a whole, lost and endlessly bored if none are available to play...). So don't just pass off the playing, but communication is key.

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    so you are a holy priest or a resto druid?

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    I've always said that WoW is dangerous.

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    Have you considered playing a little too? Couples that play together, stay together!

    I run a guild and am on a lot. My gf plays and it's a very strong common bond to have. Then again, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

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    I dunno, I think a Formula One car could do that. Heck, you may be the first one to visit space in a car.

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    I just raced my Formula one car to space, look I can make up stories also!

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    i agrees with Bahh and Soccerlee26, there was a reason you married her, i doubt anyone in-game would try and hookup with (maybe flirt a little but so does everyone-besides they all probably think she's a man irl xD) and at the end of the day, 1. if you love her why divorce over a trivial matter and 2.if your that paranoid join her on the pc so you can make sure no one is trying to "seduce" her

    "And when i do i will send blizzard and dell a thank you for ruining my marriage" ... whos filing for your divorce? you are -.- i feel sorry for your wife

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    Ill contradict soccer's story a bit for u..

    Man Man, dude, seriousy man man....

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    Aye, Soccerlee26 is right. Marriage is a partnership and if one of the partners forgets why he is married, other should remind him. I really believe that even the mention of divorce should make her think her actions through.

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    Good God man, your thinking about divorce? Dude, you just need to talk to your wife. seriously..... and yes. call that guy and tell him,. you say you are worrying about the reprocusions if you do it, but if you dont, divorce is the answer? Look man, be a man and talk to her about it and get it fixed. you got married for a reason, remember why....

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