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New Mail Rules - Missed in Patch Notes

There are new mail rules released in the latest patch that have been confirmed by Eyonix on the general forums.

All mail from characters on the same account will now appear instantly in their mailbox. This includes all items and coin so no more having somebody hold items for you while you switch toons.

All mail sent to any other account including both Items and coin will take one hour to reach the recipient. This is a measure to combat gold selling and to make the process a little bit more inconvenient for both sellers and buyers.


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    In the next major content patch, the combat rating, resilience, will also reduce the damage dealt by damage over time (DoT) effects. As it currently stands, each new tier of equipment adds to the amount of damage DoT abilities have, yet that damage is not mitigated through combat ratings found on typical equipment. This change will help ensure that DoT effects do not scale too well compared to other damage mechanics.

    The amount of damage reduced will be equal to the critical chance reduction effect that resilience grants.

    From Eyeonix

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    this is great! i always hated the fact that it took an hour for my stuff to get to my other characters. as for gold taking an hour now along with items is kind of a pain, specially at times when you need a quick loan from someone and they are too far to personally give it to you (for example i needed a primal water to make some mooncloth for someone but my friend was in Area 52)

    i dont think it will change how pple trade via mail since it used to take an hour to COD something to someone anyway

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    I agree. The changes are for the better, but I wonder if it will affect peoples willingness to trade items via mail.

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    Hmmmm, I think I like these changes.

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