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Changes to Arena Point Calculations

Well, it seems that today's maintenance brought about a massive change to Arena Point calculations. It's unfortunate that this change wasn't mentioned previously, and people had to find out about it when logging in to possibly get their new items.

The players most effected by this are the ones with extremely high ratings; the ceiling for point gains was lowered by nearly 1,000 points, though the rating required to reach that number of points remains the same.

I'm honestly not sure as to why this was done; the arena season has gone on longer than Blizzard initially intended, and as such, they saw top-end teams fully equipped, and must have panicked. The point system as it was worked out fairly well, and allowed the top teams to progress through their items at a pace that seemed fitting for being the best team(s) on a Battlegroup.

This new change is going to slow down progression at the top, and have a minor negative impact for teams with sub-1500 ratings(where the majority of the impact should have been felt - not at the top).

You can find the confirmation posted by Eyonix on the WoW forums.

To give an idea of the comparison between the new and old point calc systems, frals from quakenet created a graph depicting the two.

Arena Point Graph

He's also created a point calculator using the new equation, which you can check out here. It only works for ratings over 1500, but you can plug in your rating to see the estimated point values you'll receive under the new system.

Sibbor also created a point calc, found here, that works with any rating value.


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    Ok if your arena is below 1500, esp if your at 1100, just start a new team.

    I know it cost but that's life.

    You will start at 1500 and can lose 10 games and end up with more than you had before, 1400ish I imagine anyway.

    If you continue to lose every week, just start a new team every week and rinse & repeat.

    EDIT: TY Sibbor for the tool.

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    I did a arena points calculator with the new formula. Check it out here:

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    someone can tell me why i can write only 1 line for each post? :(

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    Just a little point: The blue line on the Graph, showing the old system, is wrong.

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    Would it be possible to link the new forumla. I myself have an online arena calculator, and i'd like to update it, but the forumla hasnt been updated on the arena page (as far as i can see :))

    EDIT: Nevermind, ill check the links better next time ;)

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    I am personally very annoyed by this in particular because of the amount of people it will affect. I made a Arena team yesterday looking to take advantage of the rewards, a team made of me, Paladin, MS Warrior, Warlock and Druid. This 2v2 team looked promising yet we were by no means going to play this hardcore, about 20 game maybe 30 a day, and the huge nerf to points means an average team like us its going to take even LONGER to get the items we want.

    Seriously why cant Blizzard just leave it as it is, if it aint broke don't fix it. If the top teams are whining then they can, i mean there are far more average teams then 'top end' teams, Blizz should be catering to the average not the small proportion of teams who are apparently 'panicking' about this. If they wanna wiz through and get there items in a week then they can do that but then they have to accept that they can't get any more items after a certain time because they have done everything.

    I hope Blizz see's this quickly and reverts it asap.

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    Dasniper, you will still get points if you are under the 1500 rating, of course you will. Seemingly Blizzard implemented this change for 2 reasons.

    Arena has been upuntil now a free epics factory, play for 30 mins a week when you play your 10 games and you get for Rogues for example 2 well over Karazhan level daggers. They seemingly wanted to stop this by giving out less points to people with smaller ratings.

    The second reason seems to be that they wanted to stop the top Arena teams from having every single Arena item for their class and being 5000 maxed out Arena points when they head into season two. I think they want Arenas to be more of an achivement when you get the items and they also seemingly want to do their best to stop a massive gear gap from emerging.

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    You gain much lower points if you're far below 1500. 1000 rating gains 176 or so points per week.

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    Does that mean that if you are below 1500 rating you gain no arena points? If so I'm fucking pissed. Im not much of a pvper. Yet I play on a PVP server and would like to get some decent PVP healing gear for my pally. But my team aint ever gonna win enough to get above 1500 rating. I mean my 2v2 team has a raiting of 1100 about.

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