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Guild Banks and Voice Chat - Coming to a WoW Near You

We've all been waiting for Guild Banks, but the news of a Ventrilo-like voice chat system for World of Warcraft is kind of surprising. Let's hope it's a bit better than some other games' in-game voice chats, as Ventrilo has proven to be the premier chat program to-date for most gamers, even taking into consideration any services provided by each specific game.

That said, Games for Windows magazine is reportedly doing a story in their June 2007 issue in which they interview Shane Dabiri - Lead Producer of World of Warcraft - and he gives them some tidbits on things coming after 2.1.

Shane confirms that Guild Banks are indeed on the way, as one of the next major features for the game, and so is in-game voice chat.

Guild Banks
Some of the key features of guild banks will be the ability to allow some of your members to use the money put in the bank for repairs (from NPC's and bots, which will have a new option) and reportedly will have hundreds of slots for items and such. The potential is ripe for abuse but Blizzard will have it set up so that transactions are documented on their website and abusers can be reported and Customer Service would then get involved.

In-game VoIP
Good-bye Ventrilo and Teamspeak! Blizzard is gearing up to add VoIP straight into the game for players that will help the problem of players not knowing or recognizing someone's voice and missing a critical heal or other critical game play needs. A players name will be highlighted when they are talking and you are able to click on their name then to select them and give them their buff/heal/etc.

There will also be the option to separate the voice chat from the game music sound to different sound channels. So you could (in theory) have the music and sound effects going through your regular speakers and the voice chat going through just your headset. To begin with, the VoIP will only be available to Parties and Raids but there may be room for expanding on that with custom channels (presumably for guilds).


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    Well Looks like this was just Speculation so far. I would like to see both happen. and the voip was suppose to be raid/party and then maybe guild. nothing about voice whispers like Bazeleel seems to have thought

  • #2

    ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ok blizzard guild bank good idea voice thing hell no, think about it you think gold spams are annoing now dear lord if they get a voice im quiting WOW. I would reather not hear all the 10-16 year old wine and bitch cause they cant take swearing or a joke. i mean if Blizzard make it a seperate voice chat program like vent(but only people that pay the 15 or so dollars a month can use it) that would be a good idea. To have an ingame voice chat would was galaxys all over again, OMG IF HORDE CAN TAKE TO ME I WOULD CRY. I MEAN COME ON YOU WOULD GET MUCH CRAP FROM HORDE AND OTHER PLAYERS OF HOW MUCH THEY PWNED YOU OR HOW MUCH OF A HACKER YOU ARE CUASE YOU BEAT THEM TO A PULP.

  • #3

    How dump is VoiP? can you imagine the reporting, "Dearest GM, this guy called me a F*cktard over VOIP, please ban him."

    They can't control most exploits or actual bannable offenses, but they want to have their own VoiP built in to the game?

    l o l

  • #4

    Blizzard should just stick with what they no best and thats making games.... did i just say that???


  • #5

    Being specced feral doesn't mean you can't heal at all, same with shamans, pallies and priests who aren't specced to their healing talents. Saying you can't heal even though you have healing spells is just stupid. Even if you can't heal much coz of low mana pool, you're still able to heal some health

  • #6

    Ah ok :)

  • #7

    @ XylanTrueheart

    There will be a master-control option that disables it. You don't have to use it at all, that's what's great about it.

  • #8

    I already refuse to join voice chat for most 5-man runs, since I play in the lounge room while my girlfriend watches TV. Voice chat means we get into an arms race for who has the loudest volume, then I get up for a piss, someone in-game says "'yo, dhask, something important", I get back, but oh look, voice chat has no scroll-back.

    As long as I can disable it so I don't hear other people, I'm easy. They can yell at me for heals all they like, I'm specced feral.

  • #9

    "adding voip means they'll have to tie it to the game-ui so that you can see who's talking.."


    "meaning running voip on the gameserver aswell.."


    It means having a shared piece of data to identify a participant in a voice chat as a particular player. Like, say, an ID, or a name.

  • #10

    So is this actually coming in 2.1 (VOIP and GBanks?)

  • #11

    No, this is after 2.1.

  • #12

    People have been requesting this for millenia!

  • #13

    Guild banks are a good idea as they can give stricter controls on access of items and dispensing of items.

    As for in game chat. I know why a lot people would like it and use it especially in cases for raid instructions. However I use hearing aids and have too much difficulty in understanding most people and I used both Vent and TS. Personally I don't want to hear other people in the game as I prefer to use my own imagination for each character I come across

  • #14

    voip = bad idea... servers are already laggy or close to laggy... adding voip means they'll have to tie it to the game-ui so that you can see who's talking.. meaning running voip on the gameserver aswell.. resulting in laggy servers



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    Wibbit, I don't see why you think this is a waste of time. Personal banks, i.e. a bank character, are playing with fire. If that account goes down for whatever reason (Blizzard banning for something or whatever), you're stuck without the entire bank. Also, a private bank can only be accessed by those with access to the account. If the account owner gives out the password to select few, this still jeopardizes the account's security, which can make the account subject to being banned by Blizzard. If this guild bank is implemented well... such as different levels of interaction given for different guild ranks, I think it will be a welcome addition.

    Also think about this part of it... if Blizzard gives us 100 spaces for free, that's cheaper than buying bags and the bag spaces in a character's bank. So if the bank ever switches, you aren't wasting money just buying more bag space.

    I don't see how you can even see a single negative in this...

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