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Upcoming Spam-Prevention Features

Good news for everyone annoyed by those gold spammers! Today in a forum post on the official WoW forums, Drysc announced that there will be some spam-prevention features added with patch 2.1.

With the upcoming Black Temple patch, we will be introducing new features aimed directly at reducing the amount of repetitive and unwanted whispers, chat text, and mail. Our goal with these new features is to not only increase the ease of reporting spam, but also to automatically restrict it. Following the implementation of these features, we will continue to monitor for chat and mail abuse and take further action as needed.

Here are some of the new spam-prevention features going into the new patch.

Reporting abilities:

  • Players will now be able to report chat and mail spam with the click of a button. A "Report Spam" option will now be available by right-clicking on a player’s name in a chat channel, whisper, or mail. Using this option will quickly and easily report the player to our in-game support department for review.
  • When you report a player, he or she will automatically be added to your ignore list for your current session. You won't see any chat or mail from that player until you log out and back in.
  • These tools function on a per-account basis, meaning that reporting one character on an account will ignore all chat text and mail from that entire account until you log off.
  • You will not be able to report players on your friends list or in your guild.

Message throttling:

  • Players will no longer be able to send large amounts of text at one time, filling a chat screen with a repeating message, large blocks of gibberish, or text that could disrupt an entire conversation. This throttling, along with the new chat-reporting feature should make it much easier to keep unwanted text off your screen before it becomes overwhelming.


  • #1

    I hope they make it so level 1s can no longer invite to group as well, that gets really friggin' annoying. :P

  • #2

    They're, uh, doing that rate limit thing. It's right up there in the blue text quoted. I guess they are truly interested, eh?

    And they're also adding a new option to SendAddonMessage() so that AddOns can still communicate at the current throttle speed without any visible spam to users.

  • #3

    Banning an IP from accessing the game will not work for those that have varying IP addresses for each (internet) session. The risk of blocking valid players (that receive that blocked address in a later session) is too high.

  • #4

    Aint it great that Blizzard is always one step behind mod makers. Seeing as all these features are already being used in mods like Easy Report etc

  • #5

    The addon "SpamMeNot" works like a charm

    Haven't had a single spam since i installed it.

  • #6

    Notice this "fix" doesnt stop the spammers, it just gets them banned if they do it. So blizzard still makes out like a bandit because the gold sellers are forced to continue to purchase game cd keys. If blizzard was truly interested in stopping the spam they would implement limitation on the number of whispers characters could send per minute. Even a 10 per minute limit would be more than enough for even the fastest typists conversing back and forth in chat, yet stop the massive spamming we see now.

    But they arent interested in a fix, simply maintaining the status quo. 320,000 new characters were created last week alone. Want to bet how many of those never advanced beyond level 1?

  • #7

    The only way this is going to work is if someone reports a gold spam, then in the next 5 secs after the report is received they do an IP track on it to find out where its coming from and block that IP from ever accessing the game again.

    Though that will only do so much...

  • #8

    the good part about their changes : it will work on a per account basis, something add-ons weren't able to do.

    I still hope add-ons will be able to hook to their handlers and filter out the spam.

  • #9

    rofl, this is the best they could come up with, making the players do all the work?

    This will do nothing to stop gold spam. I already have all these features from addons, and I still get spam every few minutes.

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