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Changes in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep

Following this post by Tigole on the US forums, a Blizzard representative - Aeus - made the following comment about further planned changes to the raid content of The Burning Crusade:

On 06/04/2007 09:23:52 UTC Aeus, Blizzard Poster wrote:

We're going to be making some changes to trash mobs in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, to make them a bit easier, slower to respawn, and provide some greater incentive to killing them.

We'll be continuing to tune and re-tune dungeons and encounters, but currently these are the two we're most concerned with and will be focusing on.

Deffinately a step in the right direction again, considering the amount of complaints that has been given regarding the high level instances in BC.


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    There's a distinction between doing complete content first, and doing buggy/unfinished/poorly tuned content first.

    Granted, it's fun to do something first when the only competitive nature of PvE is the bragging rights of first kills(racing to spawns is a thing of the past due to instances, since everyone has access to the same content at the same time), but when you bang your head against a wall - not because your strategy isn't clicking, but instead because a mob isn't properly tuned - it becomes stale very quickly.

    Anyone that did Blackwing Lair the first few days it was out knows firsthand; that was not fun at all to be stuck at a gate that wouldn't open. Anyone that did Ouro or C'Thun before they were properly tuned knows - those two encounters weren't very fun. *After* they were tuned, C'Thun was a great example of an execution-based encounter where everyone doing their job meant you won, and was great.

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    What do you think; 25 people x 40 hours a week x 20 days a month x 12 months a year is less costy than a guild that runs it for free ? Even paying their monthly fee ? Geared / experienced ?

    Hell maybe I would see it as an 'honor' to do this the first time, might get bored the 2nd or hilarious the 3rd, don't know what you're complaining about..

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    Blizzard needs to test their content on the PTR first so nihilum and the other big guilds will not be the beta testers for their new content

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