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Attunement to Black Temple

An extensive attunement is required to enter the Black Temple. Here is the official attunement chain posted by Blizzard. Beware however that the attunement chart was posted on April 1st, so caution is required before reading further.


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    Thats actualy possible, it says that Horde kills count as alliance and vise versa so get horde and alliance on vent or TS and get them to wait at the last boss until all other groups are at last boss, it says "kill all Heroic last bosses with in 10 mins", not "Clear all Heroic Instaces within 10mins".


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    Kill all 15 heroic bosses within 10 minutes of each other...laaawllll...

    good one Blizzard :P

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    "We hope you enjoyed our April Fools events. If you missed them, check out yesterdays jokes: * Tinfoil Hat * Forums: Blizzard Icons and Text Color * Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth * Black Temple Attunement Chart"

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    As for the 520 Fishing, even currently you need 525 fishing to stop fish from getting away when fishing in the Terokkar highland areas (the only place to fish Furious Crawdad). Though, if you have all the other fishing equipment, fishing with +75 lures might be still recommended, due to the pain that is Aquadynamic Fish Attractors.


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    how to get highest fishing lvl

    375 + High Test Eternium Fishing Line (+5) + Formula: Enchant Gloves - Fishing (+2) + Lucky Fishing Hat (+5) + Arcanite Fishing Pole (+35) + Aquadynamic Fish Attractor (+100) + Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (+5) = 527.

    if you dont believe me check Alakhazam.


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    Fishing 520 is possible, thou very difficult. Need 375 fishing skill, the highest possible fishing lure (think it's 125 or 150) as well as an enchant or two.

    Still... FAKE! :P

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    the Secret Message...

    ... goto the TInfoil Hat page and Press ctrl+A (select all), scroll down and look at the left side bar ull see this message...

    ..."To staff of warlock none compare Leaves its enemies seeing double To defy its power none would dare Don't report anything, I might get in trouble"

    i wonder if there are anymore of these.


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    its fake for sure, if u hover over one of the last items you'd see that it requires fishing 520. That sais enough

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    That would've been insane :p but fun with a 40 man MC raid so that all the members can get the preq haha :P

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    + holy resistance :)

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    Tbh, I would love to revisit the old instances for an attunement. BWL with Kara/SSC gear... i would be a fun cake walk. (Remember your Ony cloaks :D)

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    Ommra also posted on the General forum with a reply that clearly showed it involves an april fools joke. Still a good one though

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    LOL, Best April Fools ever!

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    if it was real... feel sorry for all the draenai/be's :P

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