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In-game scam warning - "A Present from the Argent Dawn"

This is just a warning to players that if you receive a mail from the "Argent Dawn" with a gift-wrapped present in it, which is also sent CoD, do not accept it - this is a scam going across many servers to steal gold from players.

Tseric noted in this thread that it will soon be impossible to do this: Coming soon in a patch near you, we will be disabling the ability to send wrapped packages by C.O.D., which should stem this particular trend we've been seeing lately.

Flagging for awareness. Notice the poor spelling and grammar. Take particular notice of the item attached. Anything that is wrapped and sent through the mail sends up red flags for me, I don't know about you folks.

Be sure to notify a GM should you receive such an item.

While this issue is being fixed in 2.0.7, it's important to be careful until then on what CoD items you accept. In this case, please do not accept the CoD, and do report the player sending it. Hopefully Blizzard can track down and ban these scumbags for trying to take advantage of the playerbase on such a large scale.


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    i was extremely gullible one day after i had just woken up and had my money taken away =( i petitioned and got my money back however.

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    I agree it's very silly to fall for this, but I think the most important thing here is that this issue is known so that we can get these scammers reported. It's obviously not a single person, infact it's probably an organized group of players looking to do less than legal things with the gold they steal, but I think if they're tracked down enough they'll stop this. It's just as foolish to turn a blind eye to scammers as it is for players to fall for something like this.

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    @ denso: yeah...but the game is only in 2.0.6, at the moment. 2.0.7 hasn't been implemented on live servers, yet.

    @ Kody: true, NPCs occasionally send wrapped gifts in the mail, as a secondary reward from holiday/special event quests...but they are NEVER COD. the only time an NPC will ask you for money is directly in the quest itself (0.5 quests, Scholo key, etc). there isn't a single quest in-game, as of yet, where an NPC mails you an item (wrapped or not) with a COD charge.

    all in all (not being mean-spirited at all) I agree it is pretty foolish to fall for something like this. accepting a COD wrapped item for a rather large sum of gold from someone you don't even know? very silly indeed.

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    It is impossible to send gifts via cod in 2.0.7....

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    I got one of these, had an 80G COD on it, reported same day and got an e-mail saying that they searched my mail box in game and found it, and are trying to trace it.

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    Just curious, how are they able to send it so it looks like it's coming from "Argent Dawn"? Is that an exploit itself they can be tracked/banned for?

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    I'm sorry, but if people are stupid enough to fall for this, they deserve to lose their money.

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    i understand the importance of letting people know, but like rayith said, i find it foolish for people to fall for this. mainly because you *have* to click accept on COD's. I even tried it with a mail addon mod [ct's] and it still didnt accept the COD until i decided if i wanted to or not. I just hit return of course. Also according to 2.0.7 patch notes, "Players can no longer send gift wrapped packages via COD." so it wont be much of an issue soon.

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    Rayith: It probably has a lot to do with the fact that game NPC's send mail occassionally when completing a quest or for some events(like the Scourge Invasion). Now, I myself wouldn't fall for something like this, but I can see how some people would, and getting the warning out there that it's a scam is fairly important, in my opinion.

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    I find it foolish people would fall for this. If someone sends you a package in the mail for C.o.d. gold why would they accept. When I got a bunch of these awhile back i just returned them. I guess the curiousity of the human spirit is just to overpowered. Nerf please.

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    Old thingie... to stupid they just now realized...

    It's used for 2 Xmasses now sending from Char "Santa" gifts for 50g

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