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Alliance Shaman Dings 70

Yesterday, Saturday, January 27, 2007 Afterlife had a guild member who rolled a Draenei shaman at the launch of TBC ding level 70. We are not sure this is the first level 70 but it has to be right up there. Congratulatiosn Tenai


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    Who saw a multfilm "South park" about WoW? It is about person who has no life... It was very fun to read your comments. I'm can reach lvl 70 for some hours.. in some russian servers. Try to gess how I can do it :)

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    Karazhan server was opened with TBC release, so it was new server. And Septic and Adios made lvl 70 in 10 days after server open, which was much sooner then the article guy.

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    This was a guy that levelled from 1-70 NOT 60-70.

    Why don't you people get that read the fucking article!

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    yeah.. I dinged 70 before that guy.. Draenei shaman called Lies on Silvermoon EU. This guy dinged a saturday, I dinged the thursday same week, 3 days before him.

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    That's a bit joke. On karazhan# server opened with TBC release (EU), Septic - Warlock and Adios - Hunter dinged lvl 70 on saturday 5 days ago, both with played time something between 7-8 days.

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    It's not the lvl 70 what is special.. It's the fact that he is a Draenei Shaman.. In other words.. he lvled from 1 to 70.. not from 60 to 70

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    I lol'd. I hit 70 a couple days before this guy, and I know there was atleast 2 more before I did-

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    Ok this is sad.. A level 70?!?!?! i spent 8 hours leveling from 42 ( i had one bar to 43 ) to 44! and at 38k xp an hour.. this person, or people (because he did not do this alone) has no life, except on wow. Sure congrats and all, but come on. I balance school and wow.. and girls and im still 44 and ive played for about 10 months now. Maybe its just me, i dunno but this is really kinda sad. And nobody should be embarrased, the peeps that level that fast are just odd... If they wanted the shaman that bad they should have rolled a horde. and what do you gain from leveling that fast? glasses?? this person has NOOO life!

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    my theory is that he lvled using a normal guide for 1-60, but when he went to Outland he got A LOT more then 38k/exp per hour. turning in 1 quest gives at least 10k exp.. but its still CRAZY!!! its almost as if he has like 3 friends/guildmates that just switched places when 1 got tired so the guy was constantly online killing/questing. its amazing if we wasnt the first. i play roughly 3 hours a day and i started at lvl 52 when TBC came out and now im lvl 61 (i play more on weekends). But its just kind of embarassing to do "/who blood elf" and see people that are already lvl 57!!!

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    well we now know who has no life huh.

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    gigantor: its called AoE tagging ;) you just tag a mob while someone else nukes it. It's the same way some guy got to 70 in like 12 hours.

    Mind you TBC has been out for 2 weeks now it's quite possible he did 1-60 just using a levelling guide.

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    i prefer my rl

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    Yeah a member of Conquest has also reached level 70 on a Draenei Shaman, and actually beat some mains to it too. Sleep is for the weak!


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    I agree w/ gigantor, something is wrong there. I thought i played WoW too much but that person need a job, girlfriend, or some serious vitamin D supplements... and a new drawer of socks to excrete in...

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