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Level 60 Draenei Shaman

Congratulations to Disposable Heroes very own Slops on hitting level 60 today. Not only is Slops the very first Draenei to level 60 but he is also the first alliance side Shaman to level 60 as well! With an incredible /played of 3 days and 9 hours Slops reached level 60 only six and a half days after the Burning Crusade was released, we salute you Slops.

Clearly a lot of time and work was put into this accomplishment and it is rumored to not only be a first on Aggramar but also possibly a World of Warcraft first. Additionally it is also said to have shattered the previous record of time to level 60 that was previously held at a little over 4 days.


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    Crushridge has a 70 Draenei Shaman as well.

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    Meh.. Stormscale had a lvl70 Draenei yesterday, or the day before.

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    Grats Slops a lot of people are here bashing you and flaming you...why I don't really know.

    But if you enjoyed getting to 60 then nobody should really even care. You had fun and thats what counts.

    If it wasn't a world first or soembody did it quicker in /played, who cares? He's paying his 15 a month to play the game how he wants to and if thats how he wanted to do it and others wanted to help him that way...fin with me. Now to 70!

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    I can understand your point of view but using myself as an example i have 2 lvl 60s and a 70. ive done practically all the quests and know i can level fine with a normal group and soloing so once ive done all that. i dont see the point in slowly doing it again if i just want to do new things with my new character. If i play it myself then i dont think that can be compared at all to buying an already 60 or higher character or ebay gold so long as you are there doing it yourself/earning it. Additionally i dont think an MMO with no end is comparable to god mode of a ps game and if the developers didnt intend for you to play the game for fun within their bounds then there would be no god mode, and in wow, higher lvl players wouldn't be able to help lowbies etc. so while i see how you are looking at it i dont think its very objectively. Thats fine if you dont find him deserving of compliments, it wasnt what i sought after in the first place nor what i want now. But nothing done to level this character to my knowledge would be cheating. The game is what you want it to be, you play it how you want to accomplish what you want and to spend a lot of time leveling and play with friends even if they are higher than you are is just creative use of game mechanics if your end goal is to reach a point to do the new things you want to.

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    It really doesnt matter Incubus. Power leveling IMHO is no better than hiring a bot to level you as you sleep. But then there are those who boast of epic weapons bought with E-Bay gold and everyone oooh's and aah's at them when, in fact, it really took no skill to run up CC debt for a game. Let me know when you hear of a person that leveled their shaman to 60-70 WITHOUT the aid of a much higher level helper and i will applaud them. Unfortunately, that wont happen for at least another 2 weeks. I guess what I'm trying to say is, power leveling is no better than using "god-mode" on play station... i.e. it's called cheating. I just cant seem to bring myself to bestow compliments on a cheater. Sorry :((

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    and yes to you paq he has a 60 shaman on horde side so i assure you that he is very knowledgeable about the class and additionally has raided with us on his other alliance character for over a year now from molten core to world spawns to naxx so your comment has no validity. I assure you he hinders us in no way and if anything it helps us because when we start doing the new raid instances in BC he will be there right along with us instead of behind in gear and behind in experience. so in fact you are wrong and that is not true. but i do appreciate your opinion.

    and to you fantasydragon lol at the intentional bad grammar (atleast i really do hope for your sake it was) and like i said before he has more than one high level character so he has im sure done 99% of the leveling quests on horde and alliance.

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    O KNOSE I BE BAD SPALLAR AN YALLS THINKS I GIVES SHIT. WALLS I DOONTS. SO ALL OF YOU THAT CARE ABOUT SPELLING. CAN KISS MY ASS. BECUUSE I DOONSE GAVE O SHATS, but what is the point of power lvling. so you cant enjoy the lvling up. instead. fuck it all. lets just go to highest and fight in the raids. oh well. thats yalls things


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    Sure he misses maaaaaaaany thinks he didn't see with his other chars.*g* I tell you, you don't miss anything if this is not your first char and with this time, it is surely not! BTW if you are a good player in WoW u can manage any class, it is just thinking the right way and using the mechanics right. Oh and what a pitty statement is: you cannot learn to play your Shaman while powerleveling and you cannot be good in raids. Sure he can, you forgot, singleperson grinding and playing has nothing to do with group play. Dream on guys.

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    To get a toon to 60 is an accomplishment in and of itself, to do it 3 days? pure ignorance. So what, you had a lvl 60 kill everything you tagged, but can you PLAY the character, and do your guildmates REALLY want to be crippled by you as you l2p in a raid? The answer to both of these questions, i think, is NO! so, stop bragging about something that really takes no skill whatever and delete your worthless waste of character space. create a new dranei shaman, learn to play it, then come and brag about what an uber character you are. Every realm has its own share of power-leveled, worthless characters that do nothing more than get a grp /raid wiped. thats all i have to say as i sit back and wait for all the flamers to dis me for saying what is true and right.

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    0.o im 65 now, pritty sure i was 60 b4 this.

    He may have been the fastest /played, but no way the first.

    Doing fast/played is easy, just camp a in and only fight rested. or grind boring instances.

    I quest, i love it, and i think its sad the people grinding instances to get high levels fast, coz you missing out on 60% on the game. But hey! thats your buisness

    anyways cya ingame //Eurodon, Magtheridon

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    And also i think there is alot of fun at 60 especially if you are into raiding wow became a whole new game for me at 60 which is what has made me play it for almost 2 years, just because something isnt your idea of fun fantasydragon, doesnt mean other people dont find enjoyment in it.

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    Well fantasydragon, you have to keep in mind that when you search for players by level, its only concerning those that are online. Swearing, all caps, and horrible English "skills" don't make for a good argument.

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    thats bullshit about argent dawn. i am an avid player on that server. i have been keeping track the last couple of days. the highest draenei is a little over 50. and if i missed them. then they werent on long enough to lvl that much. but owell. anyways. all i see of people that hit lvl 60+ with the new races in less then a week. they have NO FUCKING LIFE. nothing better to do then sit around all day and lvl up as fast as they can. "ok. got the quest, go here here her, then drop it off. now on to the next. no time for messing around. can do that when i get the best stuff i can get" later on the best stuff the person wants is obtained "this sucks. i got everything i want. nothing to do. what to do. what do to. this is no fun. lets start another one and lvl it up like this again. then i can do it again and again and again and again. if i keep this up. ill have 5 characters on every server in about a year or so. yay. screw enjoying the game. why when i can be so much better, no absolutely everything. be an ass when some one is wrong and laugh (wich is fun ^^) show off that i know everything there is to know" why would you want to. there is no fun in that. i have gotten to power lvl a character before. when i was done. i regretted it. the character was no fun once it got to lvl 60. and all that was happening was people asking for fucking help. so i deleted the character and made another. wich was 8 months ago and i barelly hit lvl 60 with it. but i have enjoyed every single minute of playing the character. even if i did screw around allot

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    This was published 1 1/2 days ago, so chances are good he reached 60 before this... Kel'Thuzad draenei shaman...

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    btw: @Satisu - It's true, although it was 28 hours. Here's the movie

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