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233 Horde Banned!

The server Akama recently was delt a devistating blow as 3 of the major guilds who took part in killing 'Jaina Proudmore' where almost all entirely banned.

Jaina Proudmore drops 50-90g and respawns in 2 minutes, thus it was considered an exploit to continue to kill her.

However her loot table and spawn rate has not been changed and will not be changed as Blizzard has stated 'Jaina Proudmore's loot table and spawn time is currect.'

7 other Alliance faction boss's have the same loot table and spawn time, killing them will also result in an 3 day ban.

Blizzard also waited two weeks to inforce this ban, waiting for the day after the release of the expansion to ban the majority of the horde on Akama.


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    well. i heard that they said they were banned for exploiting something. from all that i can see that they were doing. yes it was known about the fast respawn and the gold and everything. but it is still an exploit to camp an NPC for the money. and seeing as it is blizzard, the same people that will change a characters name because some winey baby thought it wasnt an RP name. and even go as far as banning because of that. these blizzard people can easily look at camping paina for the money because of the fast respawn as exploiting. and if i remember correctly. exploiting something is a bannable offense. even if it was known that it could happen. but i shall state it again.


    and as far as NPC goes. NPC (non-playable character) any thing in the game that has a name is an NPC. if a humanoid in the game has a name, it is a character that bliz made for the game. if you say that because piana is an NPC. she should have no gold. then the same goes for Van Cleef. he himself is a NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTER that blizzard made. to be part of the game just like jaina proudmore. from what has been said. jaina is part of a quest? if thats true. then she isnt much different then VC. just allot more powerfull. and harder to kill. aswell as an alliance member and in a different location.

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    I was really bored and I wanted to know a few things about WOW sence this is my first year playing, I looked up Forums about getting banned and such On this website its about using bots but that is not the point I am going for here This is an email sent to a guy that on the forums admitted to Hacking and using bots and he said "So after i got caught in the ban wave in November, i wasn't too devastated to have lost my account, since i did break pretty much every rule in the book (much more than just botting).So i did have a few tries at getting unbanned, phoning or emailing had no effect so i posed as a Cedega user (using the form on the website which has since been taken down). Two months later i'm unbanned with 70 days free play (2 weeks for the inconvinience and a free day for each day i was banned)"

    BTW I am posting this in responce that Blizzard does Say sorry Just to the Wrong Ppl :(

    Here is that Email

    Greetings, As you know, Blizzard Entertainment traditionally makes a serious commitment to protect the World of Warcraft community from players who gain unfair advantage through hacks and exploits. Last week, our administrators implemented bans on a large number of accounts that were identified acting against the terms and the spirit of the game.

    However, it has since come to our attention that a very small percentage of those accounts should not have been banned. This case of mistaken identity seems to be isolated to users of an unsupported, Linux-based Windows emulator called Cedega.

    Once this pattern was brought to Blizzard's attention, our staff worked directly in conjunction with the Cedega development team in a rigorous and thorough review of the situation. We have since determined that your account was one of those accidentally flagged, and as such we are immediately reinstating your account to fully playable status.

    Blizzard Entertainment deeply regrets the error, as we understand that this brief account closure presented you with an inconvenient and highly frustrating experience. We remain firmly committed to enforcing our regulations and suspensions for those exploiting our game, in the interest of ensuring that our legitimate customers have the best possible play experience. In this case, however, we regretfully caught a handful of innocent customers in the process, and for that we offer you our genuine apology.

    In consideration of our error, we are applying a credit of two weeks' play time onto your account, in addition to crediting back the time that your account was locked. This comes to a total of seventy (70) days' credit, which should be visible on your account within the end of the week.

    If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this account, please don't hesitate to let us know. We appreciate your extraordinary patience in this matter and hope you will continue to enjoy your time in World of Warcraft.


    World of Warcraft Support Team Blizzard Entertainment Europe

    So I guess they Help the hackers After all :(

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    So since Blizzard didn't think about how they should properly program, the smart players have to pay (even though they pay $15/month anyway)? I understand the fast respawn due to opposite faction kills, but she wouldn't die as often if she didn't have as much money. So Blizz is dumb enough to put so much money on an NPC and can't admit it? What kind of crap is that? That's like saying taking gas from pumps for free is illegal on Free Gas Day (just for the sake of arguement). Hey Blizz, just because you can't admit when you make a mistake doesn't mean you can just ban your customers. If so, their forums for race/class problems wouldn't exist.

    And Seerah, I'd like to see the number of people banned for killing the Defias Messenger repeatedly. It's their fault for putting so much gold on her, not the players fault for killing them once then realizing how much she drops.

    And fantasydragon, the definition you provided could be used for the boartusks. They drop money and items that can be sold, which causes you to gain something, making it an exploit, technically. Everything everyone does in the game is selfish, it's human nature. I understand that you also have criticizm concerning Blizz on this issue, but c'mon, it's their own fault.

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    Why do they give a quest NPC any g to begin with? This obviously means they expect her to be killed but then they ban players for doing it too often? Do we get to fine Blizzard for all the attempts to milk us g by flying to multiple flightpaths for quests or to get from Og back to The Outlands? That's called griefing players if you ask me.

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    Please refresh my memorie, Last I can recall Griefing was allowed to a point....But I could be Very wrong.

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    I think they were taking advantage of a high drop rate for money... I mean we do instances over and over again... Griefing to me is a bunch of bull ****.

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    Griefing only happens when you are doing it deliberately against another player. They were not there for the purpose of causing problems for allaince players, they were there to kill the NPC.

  • #8

    Not fair...

    it' s Blizzard 's fault that giving so much money loot to the NPC. if you give so much money and so less respawn time, people and guilds have the right to farm it. it' s not different then farming an instance, or farming elemental fire in any area. cause money means cash into guild bank, and a guild bank with money means better gear, potions. And it' s not hard to call backup by the alliance side Players.

    Decrease the loot of gold to 2-3 gold, make the NPC boss more powerfull, put some stronger guards to protect the boss to make her harder to kill. or give dishonorable kill to whom who killed her.

    if Blizzard wants really to do somethin, they have to stop level 60 gankers who kills level 10-20 players, and stays all the day in the graveyard and kill everyobdy who ressurects from there.

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    Jaina Proudmoore is also a quest related NPC. Killing quest related NPCs is called griefing (at least when you do it more than once) and is a bannable offense.

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    I am sorry fantasydragon this is not a flame bro but that was not close to what happend...

    Exploit as said in TOS of blizzard: Using a error in design,features which have not documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competive advantage over other players

    Okay, now lets look at that. Did they use a bug? No Is it known that the boss respawns in 2 mins? Yes Can anyone of the Horde Faction Kill this Boss? Yes Has this been Documented In the past? Yes

    well I see no Exploit

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    the reason you were banned was because. you killed her. waited for her to respawn to kill her again for the mass amount of money. you exploited the fast respawn time to make money. true. it was blizzards fault for making the respawn time so fast. but you still exploited the fast respawn time to make money.

    EXPLOIT 1. to utilize, esp. for profit; turn to practical account 2. to use selfishly for one's own ends

    or when you do something like camping a NPC for hours on end because of fast respawn time and lots of money. in the end to make money for yourself.

    but i agree. banning because of something blizzard willingly set up. is pretty stupid. with a fast respawn time like that. and allot of money like that. i would have done it to. in a heart beat. blizzard was in the wrong for banning those people. and i hate horde myself. but blizzard screwed up even more when they decided to keep the respawn, and the money the same. its going to make more trouble like this on down the road ((and i dont care if my spelling is wrong. all you that wine about it. can kiss my ***. and grow up. maybe some of our english teachers were more concerned about making us read stupid books then learning how to spell good :-( ))

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    The reason they were banned is because your not allowed to kill anything with more then 40 raid members...3 guilds = 120 players.. obviously exploit.

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    I say its about time. Between the horde exploiting Darkshire, ZG Entrance, Alterac Valley, Redridge, and god knows how many other places, Blizzard finally got off the stick and did something about it. I'm on a server with a 3-1 Horde population and it is amazing the amount of exploits the Horde use. Don't get me wrong though, as I'm sure some alliance use exploits as well, just playing alliance on a heavy horde server you see a lot more of it.

    Nerf the Horde!  :)

  • #14

    If Jaina Proudmore is killable, and drops loot, AND then respawns when the raid/group is still in the area, how is that against any policy? If they don't want "farming" of bosses, NPCs or any other in-game resources, simply put in some form of area detection around the game object in question and any player-based game object that is a member of the "killing" faction is still in proximity, just don't respawn. If it is a renewable resource, with a predictable timetable, it will eb utilized.

    The only reason it's being called an "exploit" is because they simply cannot just look at the ingeniuity of the players for figuring it out and using it to their advantage. I mean, really, by allowing players to repeatedly go on quests through all the various dungeons, even when they are out-of-scope in regards to levels.... isn't THAT a bigger exploit than anything else?

    If players do find a way to "beat the system" but in a *LEGAL* manner (no bots, no hacks, just plain-old keeping a watchful eye out for the easy way of things) then Blizzard should perhaps send all participating members of the "exploit" an in-game mail message telling them "Thanks for helping us find loopholes and problem areas which previously passed out scrutiny. Your efforts have been noted and are very much appreciated." Let them keep what they got because, after all, Blizzard missed it themselves right? As long as no outside programs were employed to complete the task in-game, it's all legal.

    And if we all consider a little thing called reality... it's just a game right? Played for fun? If someone or some group finds a way to get around things in-game, don't ban them, just let them know they're being watched. I mean really, if their own staff *who designed and maintain the game* couldn't figure out what the players managed to do... shouldn't they think about hiring some new talent?

    All-in-all, sounds more like someone had a bad day at work and decided to feel *big* about themselves by taking it out on others who have no control to fight back. Oh yeah, real mature *winks*

  • #15

    Though I would not be apart of it, I think its long overdue that Blizzard be subject for a class-action lawsuit. They have tried to nullify any such thing by writing their TOS and EULA in a way to avoid this, but in doing so they're proving that they should bare such consequnces. Saving face only makes things worse.

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