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The first Person to level 70!

Someone has made it to level 70 in The Burning Crusade!

Gawell of Archimonde (FR) (Gnome, Mage) has made it to level 70 in 27 hours after the release of The Burning Crusade. He may have had 10-20 level 60-62 guild mates powerleveling him the whole time but he is still level 70.

So Congratulations to him I guess, and what a great guild he is is.

I can see the comments on this now: "Screenshot or it didn't happen!"

Well here is a screenshot, 70/wowscrnshot_011707_040340.jpg


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    Quote from an interview he did;

    "Gullerbone: Cau (the 1st european lvl 60) and I planned the exp route step by steps, trying everything to make sure it was the most approriate, the groups organization with the guild Millenium and their members. Each member rotated using a definite order to help me to grind on mobs, mostly with AE, surrounded with several guildmates healers, tanks, pullers etc..."

    Kinda sad if you plan everything to just be the first lvl70 like this.

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    Being first to 70 is good and all, if that's your thing, but those L70 raids must be lonely.  :P

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    I dont see, how even with people helping you. You could get that much xp in 27 Hours. What could you do to get that much? Have him tag everything while everyone else killes it and then move to the next continent? how is that possible?

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    Why all the negative comments toward this guy? Maybe he's on vacation, maybe he had a bad fight with his girlfriend and just wanted to sink himself into the game to get his mind off shit? Maybe he didn't give a crap about being the first to 70 and it just worked out that way, or maybe he did and wanted to brag. Point is you don't know and I don't know either. I myself wouldn't play nonstop for 27 hrs but I also wouldn't bash someone who did. You guys should chill out. You don't know the guys situation at all.

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    I agree, rushing through with help from a bunch of guys isn't an achievement. The only thing you prove is that you are a dork with way too much spare time on your hands.

    However, it's still pretty insane that he could get someone to boost him this way, I respect the kind of friendship this guy must have with his guildies, that's the REAL achievement in this, imo!

    Grats, btw.

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    do you think that mage is hes only char, as he says in hes interview he will lvl hes shaman up to, and he can do that with all hes guildies, its not like the game is over for him until the others hit 70 to

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    Whopity do, pretty stupid...have fun being bored while your guildmates level.

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    an even bettter ui frames is X-Perl


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    nice, grats on that :D

    and to all the people saying what a n00b and so on, and hes not enjoying the game and so forth, did you ever think he MIGHT have other lvl 60 chars to play and enjoy the game with hes guild. it would be like saying OMG n00bs at the people who got the world first kill of every boss in this game, or to lvl 60 cause they use way to much time and bla bla.

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    lol poor bastard, don't really see the fun in all this but hey he's not the only dumb nut around rushing his way to level 70. On my own server there are several level 68 players already which will most likely ding 70 early tomorrow morning.

    Gratz ! -_-

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    I, on the other hand, will be enjoying both the new content *and* the feeling of having gotten sleep over playing a video game.

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    I feel sorry for the guy... not sleeping, not eating, 27 strait hours playing a computer game... tsk, tsk, tsk...

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    Ok, so it's a world 1st and all of that. Gtz on that...but why would you want to miss out on playing instances with your friends: Hellfire Citadel when you are 60-62. I'm gonna fully enjoy the content and share and complete quests with my friends on the same level. I don't want to be 70 and set foot in a 62+ dungeon for the 1st time.

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    Waiting for the first solo 70 instead.. Using others to level up isn't an achievement in my opinion.

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