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3 mostly fake Legendaries

Browsing the us forums i came upon some links from 3 new legendaries, which can be real or fake, up to you to decide.

Don't blame me if they aren't real, the axe is originally called gorehowl as far i can remember, but the model IS the one Grom hellscream is using (the 2h axe screenshot)

legendary tbc
Legendary tbc shard-of-sargeras


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    Actually the pally one makes perfect sense.. for a pally tank. the dps of the weapon is about 30 more than most pally tank weapons.. giving us pally tank stats without giving up the magic damage we actually use to hold threat.. making it hands down the best pally tanking weapon (think thunderfuryx3) the average palyl tank weapons is 40-42 dps. and that weapon has a holy damage component...

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    there is a legendary bow for hunters

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    all are fake, it has been proved on worldofraids forums.

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    I can confirm the hellscream axe is fake, the last two spells on the item don't exist in the latest version of TBC spell.dbc

    Looks convincing though :)

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    If it's being linked in-game, it's fake. If you try to link an item that the server has yet to see, your game will boot you from the server.

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    the 3rd one is fake, is from a private server (turalyon joke :)

    second one is fake too, all legendaries are Unique

    everyone with a private server can make weapons

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    Oh, Nvm me

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    I really hope that the paladin mace is a fake. It doesn't have any sense:)

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    The last one i can confirm as fake, it was a weapon on a 'private server' according to a post made in response to that picture being posted before on another site. The first i've not seen before so i have no clue and the second i've not seen validated one way or another but has been around a while.

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