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CTScreens Launched!

CTScreens has been launched!

The people over at have been working on an unknown project for quite some time now and here it finally is:

Taken from the website: "CTScreens is a Screenshot/image hosting site created for World of Warcraft players. What makes us different? Simple, we also play WoW. We've browsed the forums and clicked links to other hosting sites just to find them out of bandwidth. We know how hard it can be to find a place where you can just upload an image and not deal with having to convert it since most places won't allow .tga images. We've seen the 'show off your UI' threads and found a number of broken links or slow loading sites".


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    What a letdown, this is what they have been working on. This from the guys that gave us ctprofiles. Holy crap, i mean, jesus. First of all, there are loads of free image hosting services that work wonders. Secondly, for that kind of cash you can basically get you're own web hosting which will give you all the space you will ever need to host youre own images.

    I mean, seriously, whoever came up with this idea should be taken outside and be given a severe spanking. This kind of shit i would exspect to see during the dotcom boom.

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    Maybe they spent time on this to actually get some funding behind them? With the amount of coding they've been doing and have planned for the future, it seems like a fairly full time thing considering the rather limited nature of their 2/3 man team.

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    ...and sure enough (yet another) image hosting site is fudge-packed with 'fluffy kitten' rubbish. i'd recommend a community enforced "gaming-only" theme that eventually sitebans the submitter.

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    Yeah they have been working on it for awhile now, it's gonna be called CTRA 2. Dunno when it's gonna be released though.

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    I agree with urfage -- This long just to make a website so users can upload images? But they limit you up to 5 IMAGES for a FREE USER ACCOUNT? The only thing that i found exclusive on this website is that you can upload .tga files without converting them.

    If you want to convert them download Irfanview its a great free software that can convert almost any image files

    $20 for additional 15 screenshot limits (20)? $50 for +45 Screenshot Limits? What a joke..

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    Wow, what a waste of developer talent/time. How about fixing CTRaid to compete with ORA2 et al?

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