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Mists of Pandaria is Finally Here, and Curse has you Covered!

The highly anticipated fourth expansion to MMO giant World of Warcraft is finally live as of last night!  Gamers everywhere are grinding out levels and getting their feet wet in the barrage new content released.  So, what's going down at Curse?  

First off, MMO-Champion is having a livestream fest over at our Own3d.TV channel!  Check it out below:

You'll also be able to experience a full rundown on all the fresh, new content Mist of Pandaria brings to the table over at MMO-Champion's blog.  These guys are busy bringing you every scrap of news they can scavenge, plus exclusive video content from Curse itself!

Indeed, the Curse Entertainment and MMO-Champion YouTube channels are going to be pumping out loads of MoP videos likes the one below for your viewing pleasure.

Join Pico, Lindsay, and the rest of the team as they take you through the ins and outs of Mists of Pandaria post-release.  You can expect to see fresh content on both channels, so hit those subscribe buttons!

Your UI doesn't have to suffer just because of a new WoW build - just head over to our full database of over 5,000 WoW Add-Ons, designed to help you to make the game your very own!  We've got oodles of authors all clamoring to get their newest add-on builds live for the expansion, and the Curse Client with Curse Premium can help you coordinate your dream UI while supporting addon authors at the same time - just check out this post for more details!

ArenaJunkies will be staying on top of the PvP scene, with tools and information available for both new and seasoned players about level 90 slaughter.  Arena strategies, rankings, talents, and tools are all made available for your murderous plotting.

Wowstead can help you with your social aspirations.  Finally making that guild you've always dreamed about?  Have a battle plan for the new content, and the talent to carry it out to the top?  Coordinate here with our advanced, relevant features that make Wowstead the ideal site for your guild to call home.  Whether you're a new guild leader or an accomplished webmasster, site creation is a breeze.

And of course, where would we be if we didn't point out WoWDB to you?  This searchable database containing information about spells, battle pet abilities, items, glyphs, achievements, monsters, and more, all with helpful user commentary, is going to be absolutely key to your MoP experience.  Don't miss out on this ridiculously helpful resource!

Curse has the power to power you through Mists of Pandaria.  With resources like the above, you won't be left hanging.  Enjoy the expansion, you know we will!


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