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LostTreasures - WoW Mod Spotlight

Welcome to another World of Warcraft add-on spotlight! In this issue we are covering LostTreasures, by LookToKid.

The Addon

Pandaria is littered of small hidden relics, forgotten from times past. Finding them is the objective of an achievement chain, which will eventually reward the "Relic Hunter" title. Yet, hunting all these treasures is not easy, specially because there is no information in-game of where to find them. 

But fears not! If you're yearning for the title, we recommend you to try LostTreasures. This little add-on displays the location of all the treasures on the world map, using the TomTom waypoint system. As the artifacts are easy to miss, LostTreasures also provides helpful notes on where they are located and how to get them.

Note you will have to install both TomTom and LostTreasures for the add-on to work. 


We also had the opportunity to have a chat with the add-on's author, LookToKid:

What motivated you to start LostTreasures?
When I first thought about making a more advanced addon than Vulcan Repair, I was collecting the candy buckets for the Hallows End holiday event. I originally planned on trying to make one for the Lorewalkers achievement(s), but was beaten to that one by Lockslap, who made the awesome addon called "Lorewalkers".
    After I continued with the many ways of the Pandarian, I discovered an object which granted me the achievement, "Lost and Found". I was curious about the achievement and decided to look it up over on Wowhead. After discovering there was many more treasures to be found, I began my hunt. After a few hours I started thinking to myself, "Hmm, I bet there is an addon for this!". I headed over to Curse to discover there wasn't .. And thus, LostTreasures was born!

How do you collect and maintain the localization of the hidden treasures?
I began collecting data for the addon just like any other player would: I used Google! I got a huge portion of the information from Wowhead, more specifically, fellow gamers that had taken the time to help others. Collecting the data for every treasure, not to mention verifying most of the treasure locations myself, took several hours, if not days.

How was the experience of working with the World of Warcraft UI?
I was really quite surprised with how easy it was to work with the World of Warcraft UI. I cannot stress enough how much time using Ace3 and TomTom saved me though!

Any plans for new addons in the future?
I would love to create more addons! I like creating things that have not yet been brought to the public's eye, it makes me feel more, well, proud to have given the community a project that was not before available.

We come to the end of the interview. Any shout-outs?
I would like to thank Cladhaire for his addon, TomTom! Working with his addon was quite an enjoyable experience. I would like to thank Vladinator for his addon, Candy Buckets (Hallow's End).
    This addon was my original inspiration for creating a more useful addon, as well as leading me in the proper direction for LostTreasures. I would also like to again thank Wowhead and the users there that took the time to post such helpful information! Last, but not least, I would like to thank Curse for providing an open community where anyone, who is willing to give a little effort and time, can help other players.

Thank you to LookToKid for answering our questions and developing this add-on.


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